Water Consumption On Keto Diet: How Much Is Enough?

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. However, it comes with the keto flu AKA cramps, fatigue, and headaches. 

To prevent these keto flu symptoms, you need to make sure you are properly hydrated. You must make sure that the electrolytes and fluid balance in your body are correct. 

But how much water should you drink on keto diet to get this hydration? Read on to discover the correct keto water intake and its importance as well.

Why Drinking Water Is Essential In Keto Diet?

On a regular day, drinking water is necessary for several body functions, including the breakdown of the three meals we consume. 

But keto is a special diet that causes several reactions in the body. That’s why it is essential to understand the role of water during the keto diet so you can full fill the need of keto electrolytes.

Keto water intake is necessary because of the following reasons:

1) To Prevent Dehydration Symptoms: 

When you restrict the carbs in your diet, you also lower the chances of insulin levels rising. That’s because insulin is responsible for handling the glucose that comes with carbohydrates. 

While restricting insulin levels is good in some ways, it has some downsides too. You see, insulin is also responsible to tell your body to hold water and sodium for its future requirements. But less insulin means less sodium retained. 

The other source we humans use to fulfill our sodium intake is the salt in our food. But guess what, the keto diet restricts that too. Therefore, not only do you lose sodium, but you have no way to replenish the sodium fuel. 

Since it is an electrolyte and a necessary one, you must drink enough water during the keto diet or electrolyte drinks that can fulfill your need for sodium. This way, you will prevent dehydration headaches, cramps, fatigue, and every other symptom that comes as a consequence of low sodium.

2) To Prevent Constipation: 

When following a keto diet, you cannot eat many fruits and vegetables because of their carbohydrate content. After all, keto is a low-carb diet

But fruits and veggies also bring their water and fiber content to the table. And that helps in the digestion process of your body making sure you have a good and regular bowel movement. 

When you take care of your keto water intake with the correct balance of electrolytes and fluids, you prevent constipation and the illnesses that come with it.

3) To Prevent Overeating and Lose Fat: 

When you eat a low-carb, high-fat diet, you are following strict eating habits. 

So, not only can you not eat junk food and processed/packaged food, but you also have to bid goodbye to fruits and veggies. These usually help to bring a lot of nourishment and flavor to the table. The nourishment and flavor fulfill your appetite and keeps you from overeating. 

But because you follow a keto diet, you will have to make sure you have enough fluids in your body so as to curb your cravings for flavorsome food and lower your appetite. For nourishment, you can depend on keto-approved foods.

Additionally, the process of breaking down fat cells (beta-oxidation) also requires water molecules. So, when you drink enough water, you help your body metabolize fat too.

How Much Water Should You Drink on Keto?

Now you know that you need to drink enough water to replenish your electrolyte requirement and help your body function better. But how much water to drink on a keto diet – that’s the question.

Before that, do you know how much water you should drink a day, even when you are not on the keto diet? 

Are 8 glasses of water a day enough – like many people say? 

Actually, it depends. 8 glasses of water a day can be enough for some people and not for others. It is not a fixed amount but varies depending on gender, body weight, and the condition of your body organs, among many other things.

But why are we talking about this? 

Because the right amount of fluid balance and hydration in the body is essential. Drinking less water can cause dehydration while drinking more water can cause overhydration. Both have their own set of problems you will have to fix.

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So, the right amount to drink water on a daily basis is what your thirst tells you. And the same rule should be followed on the keto diet as well.

Don’t make this mistake.

Many people who are on the keto diet often drink excessive water thinking it would help them undo the water and sodium loss that comes with the diet. 

But they don’t think about the fact that drinking more water also means more urination. And that takes away the little sodium left in the body. Thus, causing more problems.

So, what should you do?

  • Follow your thirst – don’t drink water too much, nor too less.
  • Consume electrolyte drinks to fulfill your sodium needs.

To Wrap It Up

Now you know why you need to drink enough water while you are on the keto diet. You also know how much water should you drink to avoid keto flu symptoms and other problems. 

The correct formula is to follow your thirst and maintain fluid balance with electrolyte drinks. ORS drinks and keto friendly energy drinks can help you do that.

Once you have your keto water intake in check, you will be able to take full advantage of the low carb, high fat diet. Thus, losing the stubborn fat that’s holding you back from unleashing your incredible personality. 

All set to garner the benefits of the keto diet? 

Or do you still have some doubts? If you do, just put your questions in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you.

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