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Mission and Purpose

We aim to empower people by publishing accessible, rigorous, entertaining materials. We aim to offer the information that will help doctors & medical students in their daily practices and for their career development. We aim to inspire people so that they can live their fullest & healthiest day. On this platform, we try to bridge the cover between the medical & lifestyle sites by delivering trusted & genuine information shared and curated by the leading healthcare providers. We add some fun facts & ready-to use tips in our content to make things a little simple and entertaining.

We have a team of passionate editors and experts in the industry and have won many awards in the healthcare medical field. The medical reviewers are certified by the board and practising in their fields. All the articles we post on our site are written and edited by patient advocates, healthcare professionals, medical & healthcare journalists, etc. They are responsible for maintaining the editorial standards in terms of quality, accuracy, and objectives.

Our purpose is to deliver timely & accurate health information and medical research news to the viewers. The purpose of editorial standards is to deliver transparent reporting by improving the usefulness and accuracy of the information before delivering it to the audience. In scenarios where the issues are unclear, the editorial standard acts as the guidelines intended to examine and solve the editorial issues. Staff and managers are responsible for resolving such discussions. For any doubts, you can reach to our executive team.

Editorial Independence

  • We ensure to keep the editorial decision-making processes of the publication completely separate from the commercial interests.
  • To safeguard editorial independence, we strictly deal with the editorial complaints, decisions & concerns by following all the editorial structures during the publication.
  • The review boards, editors-in-chief, and editors for any publication handle the process.
  • We ensure that no one from the commercial & executive side of the business can get involved & interfere with this. They can’t even comment on any editorial decisions under any scenario.

Editorial Team

Our team of highly skilled members edits every word of the content we post. Our team has keen experience in Journalism. Our team’s editors & content managers are not influenced by any sponsors & advertisers. We don’t post content unless it seems accurate, inclusive, and simple to understand. We have a team of good writers who are experienced health journalists. Our writers include all the data and the latest search reports in the content to make it more informative. In addition, we have a team of skilled, fast checkers who double-check the contents to maintain accuracy. They complete this task with the help of some primary references, for example, Government journals and academic sources, to ensure the data are taken from the trusted source.

In addition, we have physicians who are certified by the board or have other medical expertise. They review our content to check the relevance, accuracy & timelines. Additionally, our advocate team has the power to share their experience & tips with our editorial time so that they can include those in the content.

Content Guidelines

Our team of experts confirms the content is genuine and ready to publish after many editing steps. We pass the content for publishing after thoroughly checking the facts. If the contents meet our guidelines’ parameters, we will send this to our publishers. When we publish the content on the site, you can see the name of the person who has reviewed the content. To create any content, we go through rigorous procedures.

  • Selecting a topic
    • Topics should be chosen based on relevance, emerging trends& reader’s interest.
  • Research more & more
    • The article should be written after comprehensive research from credible sources, scientific journals & the skilled experts’ insights.
  • Drafting
    • The articles should only be written by writers with a keen knowledge of the subjects.
  • Expert review
    • Before publication, every article is reviewed to ensure the depth & accuracy of content.
  • Final editing
    • Post-reviewed articles undergo final edits to ensure the content’s coherence, alignment, and clarity.

Source Credibility

Our team verifies all the citations & sources included in the content before publishing them online. We have a team of fast checkers & editors who verify the claims, facts, statistics, and content recommendations. For this procedure, they research journals, medical organizations’ websites, etc. When our team verifies & ensures the accuracy of data, we’ll include the link for citation. This is how readers can know where the data comes from and trust the sources.

Fact-Checking and Review

The articles we publish go through the rigorous process of fact-checking and review. Here are
some of the parameters we follow throughout this procedure:

  • Articles are reviewed individually to ensure that the information they hold is accurate & current.
  • The updates are made in response to the new search guidelines, feedback, and guidelines from the readers.
  • The significant updates and changes made by our team are highlighted to make sure our readers are always updated & informed about the changes.

We set a few editorial guidelines, which are not just a combination of rules but reflect the commitment to readers. By adhering to all these parameters, we ensure that the content delivered by our team is reliable, trusted, and valuable for every individual who seeks health information.


We commit to offering top-notch health information through online media. We follow stringent procedures to ensure that each piece of content published on our site meets our quality standards. Our team follows stringent guidelines to make the content genuine and valuable. We serve these guidelines as a blueprint to our content creation management team, editorial team, and verification & reviews team. To enhance readers’ trust, we maintain transparency about the affiliations or partnerships that might influence the quality of content.

Every contributing team, whether its editor or writer, can share the potential conflicts & interests. Content declared biased due to any partnerships or affiliations undergoing additional review rounds.

Privacy and Consent

Our platform also maintains a few guidelines in terms of privacy & consent.

  • We should openly operate. We take strong actions if there is a risk of violating people’s privacy.
  • In the places where recording is allowed for the public, we don’t obtain consent from individuals unaware of the cameras as part of the general scenario. If they are involved in any activities needing privacy, we hide their identities.
  • If any individual or organization asks us to stop recording or filming the situation, we value their decisions unless it is justified.
  • Authors must obtain necessary consent or permissions from the patient or any of their legal representatives if he/she wants to include their case details or other information in
  • the content. Before sharing any pictures in the article, the author must include the statement on the paper confirming that the following individual consent was obtained.
  • The authors are not subjected to show copies of consent papers because of the strong security parameters. These papers are considered sensitive, so we follow the parameters to keep them confidential.

Corrections and Retractions

We issue corrections & retractions of statements along with other post-publication updates. We have a team for this who takes quick actions in these scenarios. Here, we mentioned some categories of correction & post publications updates for the primary research & review typed articles.

The substantial errors in the extended data & information are rectified similarly as amendments to the main article. Our journals contain Crossmark HTML buttons, allowing readers to know the version and year of article publishing. By clicking the button, the users can know the complete details of the formal amendments & the correction of the articles.

  • Author creation- The author creation may be published to rectify the necessary errors made by the authors. It affects the integrity of the published article and the reputation of the authors as well.
  • Name changes- Authors who want to change their name or correct the spelling of their name on the published articles are allowed to do this.
  • Correction for publishers- The publisher’s correction is needed to rectify crucial errors made by the journal, which affect the scientific integrity of the published article.
  • Editor’s note: This is a notification alert to the readers if the article/journal has initiated an inquiry in response to the concerns raised about the published article. It can be edited online and is only for the HTML version of the published article.
  • Addendum- It is generally published when the crucial information to the reader’s understanding of the article has come to light following its publication.
  • Editorial concern of expression- The editors make this statement, alerting the readers regarding the serious concern affecting the published papers’ integrity.

The article can be retracted when the errors in the conducting, analysis, and reporting of the study substantially undermine the integrity of the published journal. The original content is marked as retracted, but the PDF version remains available. The retraction statement will include the assent statement or dissent from the authors. To provide transparency, the amendment notice will be reproduced from the original data when the changes made to the original article affect the information in the figures.

User Engagement

The health-related websites are improving access to the internet. Multiple online users are using health related websites & rely on them to get the answers to health questions. We use the contents which are mostly asked and on-trend in the market. Every article posted on our site is genuine and has all the facts and research data that reflect the article’s authenticity. To ensure the high quality of user engagement, we check all the parameters regarding content quality and reliability. We provide all that information, mostly focusing on the user’s needs. We use every necessary factor critical to user engagement with our website. Occasionally, we also ask users to participate in our online surveys. We also welcome our readers to comment on our posts if they have any inquiries. Our team of writers and editors put much effort into engaging more and more readers through their expertise and skills.

Community Guidelines

Here are certain community guidelines for the authors who want to collaborate with us-

  • The work or article you are submitting has not been published anywhere else.
  • Authors who want to include any table, figures, or text passage that has already been published on any other site must obtain permission from the copyright owner. The author must submit the evidence that they have been granted for this.
  • Any materials/contents submitted to us without any evidence will be assumed to originate from the authors.
  • Please follow the link only to submit your article to us. Make sure you have included all the relevant source files in your submission. Failing to do so can result in your article not being considered for the review phase.
  • Please submit your files in Word format only.
  • The title should be informative and have the author’s name.
  • The author must offer an abstract of 150 to 250 words, and it shouldn’t contain any undefined abbreviations or references that are unspecified.
  • Please include the keywords. The article should have all the statements and declarations; otherwise, it is referred to as an incomplete article.
  • Use Times New Roman font for content & italic font type with the text size 10.
  • Use the automatic page numbering function for numbering the pages.
  • Use functions like table function, command, and space bar.
  • For sharing additional information, use footnotes.
  • Acknowledgments should be placed in a separate section.
  • The numbers in the square brackets must identify the reference citations in the text.
  • All tables should be numbered by Arabic numerals and in consecutive numbers.
  • If you add figures to the content published anywhere else, you must get permission from the copyright owner.
  • Submit the documents in the standard file formats.
  • Include the following details in each file, including an article title, author name, journal name, and e-mail address.

By following all the content guidelines, you can make your article published on our site.

Advertising & sponsored content

The content published on our site is not influenced by the advertisements unless the content is sponsored content. The sponsored content is identified as the title “Ad.” It symbolizes that the content is being provided by or on behalf of any advertisers & sponsors.

Medical advice disclaimer

Any content the author submits to us must have a disclaimer for taking medical advice. It is noted that the audience should ask for medical help before taking any action, especially if their condition is serious.

Copyright and Attribution

The author who submits the articles warrants or copyrights that the submission is original &b he/she is the author of the submission with the named co-authors. Articles or journals are published under the creative common attribution license. This is necessary to get more legal certainty about what the readers can do with the published articles. By submitting any article, the author grants the journal the non exclusive right to publish it. The author retains the copyright and all the publishing rights for the article without any restrictions.


We are committed to serving easy accessibility to every user. We aim to make our website as soon as possible so that everyone can use it, including those with hearing, cognitive, visual, and motor impairments. We are constantly working to improve the accessibility of our site by serving equal access to every user.

Our team ensures that the website is compatible with the operating systems, multiple versions of screen readers, speech recognition software, and operating system speech packages. We always ensure that our site follows all the parameters of accessibility. We want to make our site flexible and adaptable for user needs. It can be accessible through a variety of different technologies, which include mobile devices & technologies.

We are trying to improve the accessibility of our site by adhering to advanced facilities or features that include retention to adjustment of font size, maintaining the contrast & color of the text, providing keyboard accessibility, offering a skip to content button, and much more. We also follow web content accessibility guidelines where our site meets all the parameters like robustness, operability, and understandable options.

Updates to editorial policy

Our team updates the policies from time to time for the safety & security of our readers. We report current & trending events on our sites in a relatable way. Every piece of article we release is based on accurate reporting. We offer the right context to every article by maintaining all the guidelines for answering the questions relevant to health & well-being. We ensure the trustworthiness of our content by relying on seasoned health journalists & credentialed medical experts! Our team of dedicated editors & fast checkers do all these procedures. We update what’s going on in the world of wellness and health and explain how it matters to your life.

The health & wellness industry is changing daily, and with the changes in the industry, we need to change our content to bring users. Maintaining the integrity of content is important, and that’s why we prioritize regularly viewing, checking, and updating the content to ensure our site has updated content. We answer all the viewers’ questions to set a higher version standard.

Contact information

Do you want any assistance from our executives? If you have any problem regarding the accessibility or have any doubts or questions based on any of our services, send an email. You can report your problems or request a solution through our contact page.

To assist you with any issues, we have a team of executives who are there 24/7. Going through the complete website details is recommended to get an in-depth knowledge of the site policies.

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