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Our web accessibility policy is a public proclamation of our commitment to provide online accessibility. Through our web accessibility policy, we guide the internal decisions and processes of our organisation.

Our business is committed to providing the highest user satisfaction level on our website. Being part of these efforts, our service is dedicated to offering full and equal accessibility to users. We are also committed to improving and upgrading the accessibility across our web and mobile applications to our users. We also stay updated with significant resources to make our website content accessible to everyone. Moreover, our website accessibility improvements are directed by the WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0/2.1, Level AA.

Across our businesses and services, digital accessibility is one of the key priorities for us throughout the website design and development phases. Our enhancements include adding alt text, screen reader, keyboard navigation technology, closed captions, colour contrast, and zooming features. Our accessibility claim/statement and contact details are available on each site so our users can easily notify us if they face any difficulties. Hence, we ensure that none of our users face difficulties while accessing our content.

To enjoy the best user experience, we recommend our potential users use our latest and updated web browser versions and assistive technologies available. Our service relies on our community to let us know when there is a potential issue in any of our sites. We make sure that all necessary feedback is provided to us on time.

We are committed to making sure that users with disabilities are also equally enjoying our content. If, at any condition or time, you have any queries or concerns about our website’s accessibility, get in touch with our team immediately. Even if you are facing any technical issues with any of our websites, service pages, product pages, sites, or applications, please consult our customer care team. We are always available to help our users get accessibility to our site. Be sure to specify which property your feedback is related to, and our team will put the best effort to address your concerns.

Our commitment to website accessibility will be fulfilled over time with the necessary guidance of counsel and third-party accessibility experts. Our website development process will also bring our site into further conformance with the Web Accessibility Standards developed by the authorised board of the country. Our websites are tested periodically with assistive technologies, for example, screen magnifiers and screen readers for specific users with disabilities to get access to our content.

Our Web Accessibility Consultant conducts an accessibility audit with specific recommendations to facilitate better accessibility and conformance according to the Standards. We also provide training and guidance for web development personnel to keep up with the Standards. We will periodically conduct tests and review the sites to maintain commitment to the Standards.

Also, we will put our responsible efforts into making accessible a particular Website page that is specifically requested to be made accessible by a disabled individual, which will be taken as a special consideration. Our team will be responsible for all the specified content creation and accessibility.

If you have any questions or concerns about the accessibility of or if you encounter technical issues with our website, service pages, product pages, sites, or applications, please contact our customer care team at [email protected]. Be sure to specify which property your feedback is related to, and our team will make every effort to address your concerns. Protection Status

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