Ketones Drinks 101: Benefits, Side Effects & Types

A ketones drink is rich in man-made ketones. But what are ketones? These are a result of the ketosis process, which occurs when fat gets converted to fuel in our body. 

Now, if you have been learning about fitness for a while, you may know that our body usually burns carbs (glucose) for energy, not fats. But ketosis makes this possible when you are on a low-carb diet. 

However, it’s not easy to be on a low-carb diet for long. If you find it difficult too, you can take advantage of ketone drinks.

5 Surprising Benefits of Ketones Drink

1) They suppress appetite.

According to 2017 research, drinking ketone-ester beverages can decrease your appetite. That’s because increased blood ketone levels reduce plasma ghrelin levels, hunger perception, and desire to eat. 

Ghrelin is the human body’s hunger hormone. It is what sends the body the signal that you are hungry in the morning or need to eat something after a day-long fast. Apart from when you eat, stress, insulin levels, and ketone levels also affect the production of ghrelin in the body.

When you make a habit of drinking a ketones drink regularly, you can keep your ghrelin levels in check and keep your appetite under control.

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2) They help with keto flu.

If you have ever tried even a 7-day keto diet plan, you may have experienced keto flu symptoms. These include nausea, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, and indigestion. 

These happen because on a low-carb diet (keto) the body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy. So, it begins to break down fatty acids, resulting in the formation of ketone bodies to use for fuel.

This process, known as ketosis, can cause withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced when getting off caffeine addiction.

Although nutritional ketosis is generally safe for people, the symptoms may worry them and make the problem worse.

Also, when the body lacks carbohydrates for an extended period of time, the amount of insulin in the bloodstream reduces.

This causes a rise in sodium and potassium levels in the body, as well as an excess of water being excreted in the urine. This, in turn, leads to dehydration. You can avoid this by learning how much water to drink if you are on a keto diet.

But by consuming ketone drinks, you don’t need to cut off carbs from your diet. And therefore, avoid the keto flu while getting the benefits of ketosis.

3) Ketone drinks may improve exercise performance.

According to a study, ketone bodies help improve exercise metabolism and performance.

A 2013 research also mentions the use of a solution with ~230 kcal from ketone bodies. When ingested before exercise in a fasted state, it resulted in modest improvements. The experiment was on 22 heavy and lightweight male and female rowers in 30-min rowing performance.

So, if you are a workout geek, why not get the benefits of drinking ketones for yourself by trying them for a while?

4) They can help those unable to practice the keto diet.

Because of their medical constraints, many people are unable to try the keto diet. These include people with kidney damage, those at risk for heart disease, and women who are pregnant or nursing. Type 1 diabetics, those with liver or pancreatic issues, and those who got their gallbladder removed also fall into this category. 

In such circumstances, ketone drinks (given after consulting with a doctor) may be an option for causing ketosis.

5) They may improve cognitive function.

Did you know, the use of high-fat, low-carb diets to increase circulating ketones is often used to treat epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease?

That’s because ketone helps improve the brain’s health. 

In fact, in one experiment, rats fed ketones completed an eight-arm radial maze 38 percent faster than rats fed traditional diets. They did this by making more right judgments before making a mistake.

By making ketone drinks a part of your regular diet, you can prevent neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s.

Side Effects of Drinking Ketones

1) Electrolyte imbalance: 

Electrolytes are necessary for the healthy functioning of your muscles and the appropriate rhythm of your heart. Because ketone supplements contain extra electrolytes like salt and potassium, they might create an electrolyte imbalance. 

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If you have kidney damage, this can be very dangerous. That’s because your body’s capacity to maintain balanced electrolyte levels is already compromised.

2) Hypoglycemia: 

If you have diabetes and are under certain medications, a ketone drink may cause your blood sugar levels to fall significantly. To avoid this situation of hypoglycemia talk to your doctor before taking any ketone supplements.

3) Hypertension: 

If you have high blood pressure, beware of ketone drink’s side effects like hypertension. That’s because they are made of ketone salts that usually have sodium.

Types of Ketones 

1) Ketone Esters

Ketone esters are the most powerful ketone supplements, and they may help you stay in ketosis for longer than other varieties. This product’s price is an issue. They also have a strong, unpleasant flavor.

2) Ketone Salts

Ketones coupled to salt, usually sodium, potassium, calcium, or magnesium, are ketone salts. These are most commonly found as a powder blended with liquid to make ketone drinks.

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How Are Ketone Drinks Helpful In Weight Loss?

As mentioned in a previous section, Ketone drinks help suppress the appetite, increase athletic performance, and take away the risk of keto flu.

Decreasing your hunger pangs, make sure you don’t overeat and increase your weight. 

The increase in athletic performance ensures you can work out for longer without worrying about sore and weak muscles. The longer you work out, the more calories you will burn – during and after the workout.

Keto flu is one of the obstacles that many keto dieters face on their weight loss journey. By getting rid of this risk, you have more energy and motivation left to focus on working out, preparing healthy meals, and self-care.

Additionally, Ketone supplements trigger the process of ketosis (when the body burns fat for fuel). This way, your body starts burning fatty acids and you lose weight.

The Bottom Line

Ketone drinks can raise blood ketone levels and bring ketosis-related advantages for you to enjoy. These include enhanced exercise performance and hunger suppression.

They’re great for athletes and others who do intensive workouts regularly. Ketone drinks are also an alternative for those who are unable to follow the ketogenic diet owing to medical reasons.

However, make sure to consult your doctor before making any ketone supplement a part of your diet. That’s because they may have side effects like hypertension and hypoglycemia.

And don’t worry if the doctor says no. You can try monk fasts or a diet like paleo to improve your health.

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