Lower Blood Pressure Fast: Best Drinks To Try

Blood Pressure is the amount of pressure that blood exerts on the wall of blood vessels it is running through.

High blood pressure can be very bad for the body and the heart. It can possess many health risks like plaque formation and stroke if not controlled. So lowering blood pressure is very important. There are many tricks to lower blood pressure instantly at home. 

This article talks about what to drink to lower blood pressure quickly and effectively. We will also talk about three easy exercises to lower blood pressure immediately. 

In this blog, we have covered:

What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a medical condition in which the force of the blood against the walls of the blood vessels is always too high. It can damage blood vessels and make you more likely to get heart disease, a stroke, or kidney disease, all of which are very serious health problems. When blood pressure stays at or above 140/90 mm Hg, that is considered high.

10 Drinks to Lower Blood Pressure 

1) Beetroot Juice

It is one of the most recommended drinks to lower blood pressure. A research study compared the effects of cooked and raw beetroot juice and found out that both are effective in decreasing blood pressure and overall cardiac improvements. Even the effect is seen on CRP and

The raw beetroot juice was concluded as more effective than the cooked one. The reason behind this can be the presence of nitrates in it. It is one of the most effective drinks to lower blood pressure in a small period of time which is within 2-3 hours.

2) Electrolyte water that is Rich in Potassium 

Choose electrolyte water that is rich in potassium and magnesium but low in sodium. That will help in lowering down your blood pressure. Choosing the right type of electrolyte water is important so you won’t accidentally increase your blood pressure by ingesting more sodium. 

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3) Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water can lower blood pressure as well. Lemon water has many minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are responsible for reducing it.

Just add one or half lemon in warm water and enjoy its benefits. 

4) Cranberry & Cherry Juice 

The unadulterated juice of cranberries and cherries is also known to have a good effect on blood pressure.

The antioxidants in the cranberry keep the blood vessels healthy and prevent any damage. If you are taking store-bought juice then try to choose a sugar-free option. 

5) Apple Cider Vinegar

It has a lot of potassium and it helps in maintaining the sodium-potassium balance in the body. It also helps in getting rid of excess sodium in the body and detoxifies it. 

6) Pomegranate Juice

In a study, about one cup of pomegranate juice was given to patients with high blood pressure and their bp was reduced significantly.

Both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased. Considering this finding, you can take 1 cup of pomegranate juice to reduce your blood pressure immediately.

7) Low Fat Milk 

Many studies have proved that low-fat milk is very good for heart health and blood pressure. Consider adding one cup to your daily diet.

8) Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea contains bioactive phytochemicals that help in lowering blood pressure when you drink it daily. Add a few hibiscus flowers and boil them in water. Add honey for flavor.

9) Green tea & Regular Tea

Surprisingly, both green and black tea reduces blood pressure and the effects are more potent if you are drinking these teas for more than 3 months.

Green tea is more effective in lowering blood pressure as compared to your regular tea though.  

10) Tomato Juice

The unsalted tomato juice helps in decreasing blood pressure. In a study on the Japanese population, tomato juice decreased the blood pressure in many subjects as well as the LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

Tomato juice doesn’t work right away like beetroot juice but it definitely works. 

3 Tricks to Reduce Lower Blood Pressure

Exercise reduces blood pressure by decreasing your weight. Maintaining an optimal weight is necessary to keep your blood pressure in check and heart health optimal. 

  • Shavasana (deep breathing) & Meditation – Lie down on your back and do mindful deep breathing. Allow your body to relax and rewind.
    Stay in that position for a while and your blood pressure will start reducing. Meditation also reduces stress and decreases the heart rate thereby decreasing blood pressure. 
  • Walking – Any aerobic exercise including walking or swimming makes your heart stronger and its ability to pump blood effectively.
    Walking just 30 minutes a day can make your blood pressure come within normal limits. 
  • Jogging – Jogging is one preventive measure to keep your blood pressure from rising. After a few hours of jogging, the blood pressure reduces, so it is advised to perform this physical activity as a preventive measure, not when your blood pressure is already high. 


A healthy and active lifestyle is very important to lower blood pressure. Quitting smoking and alcohol also go a long way in preventing the undue rise in blood pressure. 

Indulging in healthy drinks like beetroot juice, pomegranate juice and hibiscus tea is important to have a healthy heart and normal pressure in the blood vessels. 

A DASH diet for hypertension must be followed to balance the sodiumpotassium levels and for overall cardiovascular health. Don’t forget to drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day as it will remove the excess sodium from your blood. 

However, don’t forget to take the opinion of your healthcare professional if you see very high values on your bp monitor, more than 130/90 mmHg. 

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