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Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Written By: Lakshmi Jaisimha
2 May 2022

Nothing can satisfy your hunger like a big glass of delightful lemonade on a sweaty, hot day. Even plain lemon water can put a lot in ending your exhaustion in a flash of seconds.

Every sip of this drink pumps several essential nutrients inside your body. These nutrients, along with other properties, make this yellow super fruit drink your friend on your journey to get in shape. 

But how does lemon water help you lose weight? How does it help burn those calories off? Is there a special recipe you need to follow? Read on to know!

8 Ways Lemon Water Helps You Lose Weight

1) It Helps In Better Digestion

Lemon water helps you lose weight by directing the formation of needed gastric juices. 

The acids in lemon water break down your food to perfection. As a result of stomach acid, nutrients are more easily broken down and absorbed, which aids in the breakdown and elimination of fat tissue.

This process is very beneficial for collecting maximum nutrients from each meal. Plus, it helps avoid constipation, indigestion, and any keto flu symptoms if your body is in ketosis.

2) It Discards Away Toxins And Wastes

Lemon water helps to lose weight by effectively flushing out toxins and wastes collected inside your body. This discarding of junk helps regulate temperature and increases the energy to perform routine activities.

Moreover, drinking lemon juice supports purifying your blood and lubricates your joints. That, in turn, reduces the factors that cause physical pain, puffiness, and bloating. This makes you feel healthy and thus participate better in workouts and sports that help you stay in shape.

No wonder some call it one of the best detox drinks for weight loss.

3) It Has Low Calories

Lemon water has very few calories, especially when you add no sugar to it for taste. So, you can easily replace it with your regular drink and make sure you don’t gain any extra weight.

Say no to summer colas and milkshakes that make you feel refreshed for a moment, and then add some fat to your hips.

It’s better to even replace your morning orange juice when you have the option of lemon water. 

Do you know that half a glass of lemon juice contains only six calories when compared to a glass of orange juice, which has 110 calories per serving? (1

When you make the correct replacements, lemon water prevents weight gain, so you get back in shape.

4) It Acts As A Superb Energy Booster

Our body goes through the process of restoration during sleep. The proper functioning of this cycle requires many nutrients, including electrolytes. 

Your habit of having lemon water can be worthwhile, as it is one of the best ways you can add electrolytes to water naturally

These electrolytes not only rehydrate your body but also lends you an upswing of stamina that you need to start your day with exercise. 

You can also drink lemon water before bed. It can help you burn fat even while sleeping.

5) Improves Your Metabolism 

You cannot ignore the importance of drinking water, as it is an essential component of any diet plan. Especially because it helps boost your metabolism by inducing the process of thermogenesis. 

Thermogenesis is the process in which excess calories get burned to produce energy. That, in turn, leads to increased metabolism and weight reduction.

When you add a few drops of lemon juice to a regular glass of water, you also benefit from the power of vitamin C in lemons. Vitamin C helps combat oxidative stress, resulting in an improved metabolic rate. 

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Lemon water helps you lose weight by not letting high-calorie, heavy foods stay in your stomach for long and take the shape of fat. 

6) Keeps You Feel Full and Avoid Giving In To Cravings

Drinking lemon water at regular intervals in the day promotes a sense of fullness. 

Lemon water is full of Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, citric acid, potassium, and phosphorus. These electrolytes and vitamins prevent fatigue, tiredness, and dehydration. Thus, helping your body stay satiated for longer. 

The water in lemon water also helps to maintain the transfer of nutrients to your cells. When all organs in your body get the nutrients they need, the body doesn’t crave unhealthy food. This way, you will avoid any unwanted weight gain.

7) Protects You From The Sickness Obstacle

No one likes to become sick as it restricts us from completing our day-to-day activities. That includes things like going to a workplace, cooking food, and going for a workout. 

Taking a glass of lemon water can be very helpful as it contains Vitamin C. That’s because it fights against free radicals and can save you from severe illnesses and diseases. So, without any doubt, kick-start your day with lemon juice and strengthen your immune system.

You need to work on your immune system because poor health can become an obstacle quickly. 

When you are sick, you crave unhealthy food. You may not want to go for your regular gym session and fall back into your old habits of stress-eating or overeating.

Lemon water helps you lose weight by not just being that friend you need during sickness but by reducing inflammation (caused due to illness). 

Why is that important, you ask? Because inflammation is one of the root causes of obesity. (2)

8) It Reduces Fat

Lemon water helps you lose weight thanks to the presence of a good dose of fiber called pectin in it. This fiber can reduce the absorption of fats inside your body and regulate your blood sugar levels effectively. 

When you have your sugar levels in check, insulin (the fat-storage hormone) is limited in the body, which further limits the storage of fat.

Additionally, lemon water also leads to a decline in LDL or bad cholesterol. (3)

The problem of having LDL or bad cholesterol can cause serious issues such as brain or heart stroke apart from being one of the symptoms of obesity.

Here’s a tip: Make sure you add a little bit of crushed rind in your lemon water along with the juice. That’s because the rind contains most of the pectin.

Long Story Short

Lemon water does help you lose weight thanks to vitamin C, the antioxidants, and fibers like pectin present in it. The drink increases your metabolism, keeps sugar levels in check, and motivates you to eat right and exercise often.

That’s all you need. Just start your day with some exercise, a healthy balanced diet, and lemon water. Keep at it for days, and you will soon notice how lemon water will help you lose weight.

In fact, you can combine lemon water with intermittent fasting for more benefits. Don’t worry, it doesn’t break your fast.

You need no special recipe. Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water. Add crushed rinds and honey if you like it sweet, and cherish.

Beware though! Avoid drinking a lot of lemon water in a short time, as it can lead to bloating and increased water weight.

Ready to add lemon water to your daily routine?

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