Purified vs Distilled Water: Comparison, Pros, and Cons

purified vs distilled water

Are you in the process of choosing the right water to drink for yourself and your family? Water is quite a crucial element of our lives. And it’s equally essential for us to understand the difference between purified vs distilled water before we choose one to drink! 

In simple words, distilled water is H20💧 that’s gone through the process of distillation (a method of purification). Purified water is water that is removed from harmful chemicals and impurities through different methods of purification. 

But which is better for drinking? Can any of them be harmful to our bodies? Read on to find out the difference between purified water and distilled water.

What Is Purified Water?

The water that comes from packaged drinking water bottles or from your filtration systems at home is what you can call purified water. This type of water has less than 10 PPM implying to be rid of 99% of its impurities. 

Before purification, the water contains several contaminants like bacteria, lead, copper, fungi, and parasites. Drinking water that’s not purified means bringing yourself and your family a dose of diseases. 

But don’t conclude yet. There is much more to know about purified water vs distilled water. But let us first help you clear a doubt – if purified is the same as filtered water.

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Purified or Filtered Water 

People often use these terms synonymously. However, they mean different things. Purification involves various methods and distinct steps. One of these steps is filtration. 

Imagine using a sieve to separate drinkable tea (the infusion) from tea leaves. That’s filtration. Filtration only removes chemicals and impurities on the surface level. 

But even after filtration, the water still contains many contaminants. And removing these requires much better processes than filtration, like reverse osmosis and disinfection.

Pros of Purified Water: 

  • Since purification removes toxins like lead and copper, you get to safeguard your immunity and overall health.
  • Chlorine is a compound believed to increase the risk of certain cancers. But after purification, there is no chlorine left in your drinking water.
  • Purification of water also fights off bacteria that may have otherwise led to illnesses like nausea.
  • Drinking water that’s already purified means there’s less work for your colon and digestive system to do. Thus, adding more power to your healthful detox drinks.
  • Purification removes several kinds of chemicals and contaminants, which also improves the taste of water.

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Cons of Purified Water:

  • While you should aim to drink water that has the least impurities, make sure it is not ultra-pure. Purifying water more than necessary may remove electrolytes and fluoride too. But these compounds are essential for the functioning of the human body. 
  • Maintaining at-home filtration systems or buying packaged drinking water frequently can get expensive.

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    What is Distilled Water?

    Distilled water is water obtained through distillation. You may have noticed its use in labs and factories

    One can say there is no difference between purified water and distilled water. After all, distillation is another method of purifying water. 

    The process involves boiling the water enough to turn into steam. Since the contaminants cannot boil to that level, they remain in the container to get disposed of. 

    The steam, therefore, contains water free of all impurities. This steam then gets collected and cooled to turn back into water that you can drink without a doubt.

    Pros of Distilled Water:

    • It gets purified to an extreme level, which means you get to avoid all kinds of harmful contaminants. These may otherwise lead to cancer or weak immunity.
    • Distilling water may improve its taste.

    Cons of Distilled Water:

    • Distilled water does not contain compounds like fluoride, magnesium, and calcium. These are necessary for our bodies. Thus, you would have to depend on your diet for these compounds to ensure you don’t suffer from any deficiency.
    • Distillation may remove all electrolytes from your water. But electrolytes are essential for energy.
    • The process of distillation takes much more energy than any other process of purification. Thus, making it harmful to the environment.

    Purified vs Distilled Water 

    So who wins in the game of distilled water vs purified water? None of them. 

    Both types of water are suitable for different purposes.

    • The purity level of distilled water is 100% but purified water might contain some tiny impure elements.
    • Purified water does not have any taste while distilled water is flat.
    • If you have a weak immune system and can depend on your diet for healthy minerals, choose distilled water.
    • If you want bacteria-free water, choose distilled water.
    • If you want to consume mineral water, choose purified water.
    • If you have HIV, Cancer, or similar conditions, choose distilled water. 
    • If you want an environmentally friendly option, choose purified water.

    The choice depends on your preferences. 

    But here’s a suggestion that may help simplify your decision and not make any hydration mistakes. Choose both.

    Unless your doctor has advised otherwise, you can choose to drink distilled water on some days and purified water on others. This way you get to avail the benefits of both, no matter what the difference between purified water and distilled water is.

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