Boost Your Immune System With These Super Drinks

Your immune system is constantly at war trying to fight and filter harmful foreign bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that enter your body. It has two functions – figuring out which cells belong to your body and which are safe and which aren’t safe and need to be killed.

Wondering how to boost immunity naturally? We have a list of juices to boost your immunity system. These juices and drinks keep your energy levels up, keep you hydrated and your immunity system nourished, and help you cope with the onslaught of diseases and flu.

Ten best drinks to boost your immune system:

If you think that your immune system functions only when you are sick, you are mistaken. It’s work goes on round-the-clock, and for this reason, it needs good nourishment too. The nourishment must help all the immune cells work to their full capability in fending off disease and keeping you safe from harm’s way.

It is your responsibility to have a good supply of nutrients so that your immune system can work well.

Here is our list of the best drinks to boost your immune system naturally.

1. Lemon juice:

Starting your day with a glass of lemon water is the best way to keep your system going. 

Lemon juice with a bit of ginger juice squeezed in is excellent for your immunity. Ginger juice, apart from adding a tasty zing to your lemon drink, also becomes a source of antioxidants. 

Lemon juice can also be had with honey which is, again an antioxidant.

Lemon juice is an easy-to-prepare immune booster drink at home and a sure-shot way to strengthen your immune system.

Lemon juice is also an excellent detox drink and helps cleanse your body from within.

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2. Turmeric milk:

In the context of Indian culture, turmeric takes a special place as an essential kitchen and health ingredient. Turmeric milk is one of the best hot drinks to boost the immune system.

Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, is rich in antioxidants. It keeps you safe from diseases and infections. Additionally, when taken regularly, it prevents inflammation, aches, and pains.

Milk, in itself, is a high-nutrition, easy to digest, wholesome food group. The addition of ingredients such as ginger will enhance the overall immune boosting powers of the turmeric milk.

3. Herbal Tea:

When talking about the best hot drinks to boost immune system, herbal teas cannot be left far behind. Various healthy herbal concoctions can be brewed into a tea and had regularly to boost immunity.

Green tea is a popular drink to boost immunity. Other herbal teas include ginger tea, chamomile tea, mint tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea. Teas contain phytochemicals which help boost immunity.

4. Kombucha:

One ingredient that is making waves in the health and fitness industry in the past couple of years is the kombucha drink. This fermented, effervescent drink is among the best immunity boosting beverages.

Kombucha tea is a form of fermented tea and is rich in probiotics. This group of gut bacteria promotes a healthy environment in the gut, aids in digestion and absorption and also promotes the immune system.

5. Citrus juices:

Vitamin C plays a significant role in maintaining your immune system. Citrus fruits are one of the excellent sources of vitamin C. Oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit are all some examples.

Some proponents of natural medicine believe that citrus juices are the best immunity booster drinks for corona.

A review article published in the journal “Frontiers of Immunology” suggests that certain compounds in citrus fruits may reduce the severity of Coronavirus by inhibiting the viral entry into host cells and viral replication.

6. Carrot juice:

Carrots are good for you and so is carrot juice. The beta carotene compound present in carrots is an excellent source of antioxidants for your body. It aids and improves the functioning of your immune system. Carrot juice helps in fighting various bacterial and viral infections.

When buying carrot juice, always opt for organic products to avoid pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

7. Spinach smoothies:

Spinach is one of the best immunity booster foods. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, these greens are an excellent way to boost your disease-fighting capabilities. Spinach smoothies are a healthy way to enjoy the immune-boosting capabilities of spinach.

Spinach banana smoothie is a good example for an immunity booster drinks at home. Blend a small organic spinach bunch with a medium-sized banana into a smoothie. You can also add a natural sweetener such as honey for an flavor boost

Bananas are an excellent source of various vital nutrients and are high in electrolytes. The high nutrition content makes it a popular wholesome food, especially as a quick breakfast food.

8. Tomato juice:

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and possess immune boosting properties. They also contain high content of vitamin B9 or folate which help reduce the occurrence of infections and improve your resistance. Tomato juice is one of the best immune boosting and antioxidant drinks.

 Make sure that the tomato juice you drink is freshly squeezed and is free of additives and preservatives

9. Berry smoothies:

Berries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. The fruits are quite delicious and a mixed berry smoothie is a healthy and tasty way to begin your day. Berries are versatile and the number of combinations you can whip up is unlimited.

Add a berry smoothie to your breakfast routine to boost your immune system and keep yourself healthy.

10. Water:

We end our list with a surprising but quite common drink, i.e., water. Water is a freely available source of hydration and is the best way to quench your thirst. Water is an excellent solvent too. It dissolves all the toxins in your body and expels them through your excretory system.

Water plays a crucial role in transporting nutrients to all the parts of your body, ensuring optimal nutrition. Certain types of water such as mineral water have added minerals which add to the nutrition factor. Black water, a type of alkaline water, is a recent addition to the list of best immunity-boosting and health promoting drinks.


The pandemic has ensured that we give top priority to immunity-boosting foods and drinks that keep us safe from diseases and infections. The best immunity-boosting drinks can be conveniently made from daily kitchen ingredients.

A regular intake of juices that boost the immune system ensure that you stay safe from fevers and infections.

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