Best Time To Take Pre Workout For Better Results
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Best Time to Take Pre-Workout for Better Results

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31 October 2021

Gym lovers are always curious to know the best time to take pre-workout. But before knowing this, it is important to know what is a pre-workout. It is a supplement that frequently comes in powder form and is prepared to give an extra jolt of energy to gym lovers during their workout. 

In simple terms, pre-workout delays the onset of fatigue and makes you able to exercise for longer as a pre workout lasts about couple of hours after consuming it. If you are aware of the best time to take pre-workout, you can take the right benefit of consuming pre-workout.

When to Take Pre-Workout

As the name suggests, pre-workout is commonly taken before a workout, although many individuals take it on their way to the gym or while doing the workout. It is extremely important to give special attention to the timing of your pre-workout. Though you may take pre-workout whenever you wish, timing can make a difference if you are looking to get most of the energy from your pre-workout supplements. 

It should be consumed at least 30-60 minutes before working with cardio machines or hitting the weights. The caffeine level reaches to peak within 15 to 45 minutes of consuming pre-workout. You can feel energetic after this time period, but maximum energy come during this span of 15 to 45 minutes.

Best Time to Take Pre-workout

The best time to take your pre-workout is 30 minutes before starting your gym as this is within the time frame when caffeine level reaches its peak. Taking your pre-workout during this time gives sufficient time to reach the ingredients of your pre-workout into your bloodstream and shows effect. You may feel the effects of caffeine instant after consuming your pre-workout. While some of the ingredients like beta-alanine show their effect after some time.

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Early Consumption of Pre-workout – Resulting in Crash

All gym goers know about the crash that may be experienced after taking a bunch of caffeine. First, you have a lot of energy, and then later you can have a bit of a crash. When you consume your pre-workout too early especially the supplements lacking the ingredients those help in the prolongation of the caffeine effect, you may have this crash during your workout.

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Late Consumption of Pre-workout – Resulting Sleep Problems

On the other hand, too late consumption of pre-workout can put you in trouble. If you take your pre-workout too late, you can find that you are having a problem falling asleep during the nighttime. 

Make sure, you do not consume your pre-workout too late in a day. The effect of caffeine lasts for longer as its half-life is 5 hours which means after 5 hours of taking caffeine, 50% of the caffeine effect remains on your body.  

For example, if you take a pre-workout drink at 6 PM that comprises 400 milligrams of caffeine, you would still have about 200 milligrams in your system at 11 PM. The persons who go to the gym in the evening, therefore, may have sleep problems if they consume pre-workout before starting exercise. However, it further depends on the metabolism and varies from person to person. If you are having a problem falling asleep, consider using a smaller amount or stimulant-free pre-workout.  

Right Amount of Pre-workout

The safe amount of caffeine that a healthy adult can take is 400 milligrams (0.014 ounces) a day. The other main thing to check out on the pre-workout label is the amount of caffeine present in it per scoop and how much caffeine you have consumed before the workout. To give you an idea of it, a cup of coffee contains around 100 milligrams of caffeine.

Though 400 milligrams (0.014 ounces) a day of caffeine is recommended, it is not advisable to start with this dose if you are a new goer to the gym. You should start with a small dose and increase it with time.

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How to Use Pre-Workout

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals and feeling great, exercise becomes vital. Sometimes to achieve a set goal, the extra push is required. In these situations, pre-workout could be a rescuer. 

Pre-workout is most commonly bought in powder form and dissolved in water to give it the flavor of a sports drink. However, it can also be taken in pill or food form. Pre-workout contains a mixture of ingredients including caffeine, vitamins, and amino acids that enhance both anaerobic helping maximize your gym time by giving you the energy and aerobic providing power during longer workouts with more intensity and reps.

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Is Pre-workout Safe to Consume?

When you are conscious of your health, it is obvious to come to your mind “Is Pre-workout Safe to Consume?”. Yes, a high-quality product tested under the supervision of trusted labs is safe when taken in the right amount. Too much consumption of your pre-workout can cause:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Jitters/anxiety
  • Rapid heartbeat

We recommend you use a “low and slow” approach to avoid any chances of side effects. It is good to check with your dietician before starting your pre-workout.

The Takeaway

To have the right results, it is essential to consume pre-workout at the right time and after reading this article, you must be aware now of the best time to take pre-workout. When consumed within the recommended limits and a good quality product, pre-workout is completely safe to consume.

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