Healthystripe Electrolyte Drink | Fast-Acting Hydration

What sets healthystripe apart?

Zero calorie hydration
2600mg+ electrolytes
Balanced Sodium [510MG]
15+ Micronutrients
Complete electrolyte profile

Discover the HealthyStripe Difference

Besides offering a comprehensive hydration crafted for the today’s needs. See what else sets us apart:

Key Parameters Traditional Electrolytes HealthyStripe's Electrolytes
Electrolyte Profile Basic Dynamic 6 Electrolyte Matrix [Consists of 6 main electrolytes]
Supportive Minerals Few or None 6 Minerals [Chromium, Manganese, Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum]
Calories Contains Calories Zero Calories
Sugar Content Present Zero Sugar
Added Vitamins Limited 15+ Micronutrients Including Vitamin C, B3, B5, B7
Sodium Content [Primary electrolyte] Excess or in deficiency Some as high as 1000mg, whereas some as low as 55mg per servings Replenish with balance, not excess 510mg Sodium per Serving [with 500ml-800ml of water]
Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners Present None
Taste vs Efficacy Sacrifice Scenario Improvement in one compromises the other Win Win Scenario Optimized to acheive excellence in both
Diet Compatibility Limited Keto, Vegan and Paleo Friendly
Solubility Does not or takes time to dissolve fully in water Fully soluble within few seconds of shaking

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    8 Servings

    35 Servings

    43 Servings

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      Marie Summers [Certified Personal trainer and fitness Coach]


      I am blown away by the HealthyStripe Electrolytes, completely redefining hydration with their precise balance of electrolytes and flavor. I’ve felt a noticeable boost in my energy and hydration levels during workouts and throughout my day. Now, I can’t imagine going without them.
      Celeste Gillispie [Gym Owner and Bodybuilding Champion]


      This stuff is AMAZING! The first day I tried it out after a few hours in the sun and OMG I felt instantly hydrated! Not to mention the taste was actually really good.
      Bhuti [Hiking and Outdoor Enthusiast]


      It’s the perfect way to stay hydrated and energised throughout my hike! I’ve been using it for the past week and really like the difference!
      Amanda Vieira [Zumba Coach and Plant based Advocate]


      Finally found an electrolyte that meets my needs for proper hydration. The best part is it has balanced sodium and doesn’t have sugar, and still tastes amazing!


      How do electrolytes differ from simple hydration with water?

      Electrolyte waters are rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium for instant hydration. They help maintain fluid balance in the body, ensure proper transportation of minerals within the body and regulate all bodily functions. They are easily transportable allowing for instant hydration anywhere anytime for workouts or at the end of a grueling day of meeting to recharge you instantly.

      How does HealthyStripe compare to other available alternatives?

      Healthystripe is a perfectly balanced electrolyte blend offering 2500mg+ of electrolytes per serving. This zero-sugar zero-calorie electrolyte drink offers 6 dynamic electrolytes and 15+ micronutrients for the right balance of strength, hydration and zingy flavor from natural lemon extracts. Perfect for sportspersons, this delicious drink is also your go-to companion during extreme heat, travel and fasting. It is keto friendly and non-GMO and provides perfect hydration for most dietary requirements.

      What is HealthyStripe electrolyte powder made of?

      Healthystripe is Non-GMO, zero sugar and zero calorie drink perfect for vegan, keto, paleo and soy and gluten friendly diets. This perfectly blended electrolyte drink contains primary minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium, supportive minerals such as chromium, selenium and zinc, and B complex vitamins and the all-important vitamin C. This drink supports your overall health, improves your resistance to diseases and prevents you from falling sick as you enjoy its delicious lemony tangy flavor.

      How do I use or prepare HealthyStripe electrolyte powder?

      You can add one stick of the Healthystripe electrolyte powder to 500 ml to 800 ml of water [as per the taste preferences], mix thoroughly and add ice cubes before drinking. For best results, you can have your first hydration drink one hour before your workouts or your sporting activity and have small sips throughout your activity. Post activity electrolyte replenishment is also important.

      Who should consume HealthyStripe electrolytes?

      Healthystripe electrolyte drink is perfect for anyone looking for balanced and comprehensive hydration. Fortified with six supportive minerals and 15+ micronutrients along with B complex vitamins and Vitamin C, this electrolyte drink provides the perfect balance of flavor and efficiency. Zero sugar and zero calorie content make this drink a perfect companion for sports people and fitness enthusiasts looking for the right hydration drink. It also comes in handy during travel, fasting and heat conditions.

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