Tips to Stay Hydrated in Summer

Caffeine has been warned for years due to its dehydrating effect on our bodies. It is better to avoid.

Limit the intake of caffeine

20-30% of the hydration comes from the diet, including fruits and vegetables

Eat your water

The more you sweat, the more fluids you’ll need to replenish your body.

Replenish your body while sweating

These homemade detox drinks will add a very subtle flavor to your water and help with digestion too.

homemade infused water drink

Summers cause us to sweat a lot, hence, losing more water than ever! Although cold showers don’t really hydrate you

Go for cold showers

The color of your urine is a key indicator in determining how much water you need, and it can be a warning sign of dehydration too.

Color of  urine

If you have a bottle within arms reach, it’s likely that you’ll mindlessly take a sip from it throughout the day

Always keep your bottle of water in close reach