Oversleeping: Causes, Effects & Solutions
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Why Does Oversleeping Makes You Feel Tired?

Whenever you feel tired or sulky, you must have been told to have enough sleep or good sleep, either by your mom or your doctor or anyone in that matter.

A peaceful and good night’s sleep is one of the most important parameters of good health. It helps you stay active and work efficiently all day. But how much sleep is too much sleep? 

Oversleeping can be as equally dangerous for you as undersleeping. If you sleep more than you should or keep sleeping most of the time, then that may cause tiredness and a great deal of other health side effects as well.

This article explores why oversleeping makes you tired and what all you can do to manage a good sleep rather than an oversleep.

Is It Normal To Feel Tired After Oversleeping?

The accepted notion regarding sleep duration is that an individual must get proper sleep of around 7-8 hours every day at night, according to experts. But this concept does not fit all.

The sleep cycle of every individual varies from person to person. If you take more sleep than usual, you may get up feeling all tired and groggy, opposite of what you would have expected.

Our body works on certain rhythms and biological clock systems. If the sleeping hours you normally get daily make you feel energized and fresh once waking up, this duration is what would be counted as your normal sleep pattern.

If you deviate from your normal sleeping pattern and take excessive sleeping hours, it increases the incidence of your daytime fatigue and the body responds back with very little energy. This is due to the disturbed rhythm of your body because of a disrupted sleep pattern.

So, yes. If you ask yourself why oversleeping makes you feel tired, the answer is that your consistent sleeping pattern has changed and your body isn’t favoring well enough with the excessive sleep you are having. 

This tiredness is generally considered normal but if your oversleeping routine goes on for a long time, your body will soon turn lazy and slouchy, incapable of performing even basic daily activities.

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What Can Cause Oversleeping?

Oversleeping or Hypersomnia is a very multifaceted issue and thus the oversleeping causes and oversleeping side effects, both are varied. 

People who require sleep of more than 10 hours per night can be categorized as being hypersomanic. You can also go through hypersomnia if you keep waking up in the middle of the night. That way, you will end up sleeping more, and eventually, it disturbs your normal sleep cycle.

Here are some reasons why you might be suffering from oversleeping-

1) Sleep Apnea

This is a kind of health disorder where the person stops breathing temporarily due to which he or she chokes or snores during the night. This causes disturbances in sleep. To make up for the loss, one feels sleepy throughout the day and thus instills into oversleeping. 

This oversleeping during the day and no proper sleeping during the night cause irregularity in your cyclical body rhythm and thus you feel tired as soon as you wake up.

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2) Anxiety and Stress

Your mental health is highly responsible for how your body responds. People suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress might face sleep problems to a large extent.

Since a person going through depression or anxiety indulges too much into overthinking, the sleep cycle disturbs a lot and hence, the person turns to sleep a lot. 

Another side of the coin here can be viewed as people with anxiety problems tend to get away from their overthinking and problems by oversleeping and thus they feel tired and inactive all day.

Anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues can both be the cause and effect of oversleeping so preventing them is crucial for your overall health. 

There are many other reasons as to why a person goes through an oversleeping pattern, obesity, cardiac issues, hypertension, etc. Being some of them. That is why it is always advised to get yourself regularly checked up in order to catch any slight health complications within time.

Side Effects of Oversleeping

As much as the causes of oversleeping are concerning, the side effects and consequences are no less. It impacts your overall health and can bring about alarming repercussions.

Oversleeping can cause the following side effects-

1) Weakening of the immune system

Hypersomnia leaves you feeling tired and your body’s way too inactive. The worst effect goes on to your immune system, the first line of defense which weakens from the core due to hypersomnia. The body’s ability to work energetically and fight off diseases and infections thus wears off.

2) Obesity

The more you keep sleeping and sitting, the more weight you will put on. This is a very obvious notion that for normal weight, your body tends to work in its full effect. Eating right, exercising, and being energized in a gist is how you can expect good weight management.

However, oversleeping on one hand makes you tired and on the other hand, increases your chances of being overweight or obese since your body is not performing any significant work or exercise for most of the hours in a day.

3) Heart diseases

Women who slept nine to 11 hours each night were 38% more likely than women who slept eight hours to suffer coronary heart disease, according to research. The link between oversleeping and heart disease has yet to be discovered by researchers.

To manage a good sleep routine, good nutrition is very important. Thus, consume healthy foods. If you suffer from hypersomnia constantly, you can try out different exercises while going to bed.


If you find yourself sleeping more than your normal sleeping hours, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Also, look out for your diet. 

If you are consuming too much junk food, hollow calories and are into smoking and alcohol, you may want to limit or avoid these habits since they are also a cause as to why oversleeping makes you tired.

Too much sleep is definitely not a good sign and thus you must look for appropriate measures to curb this habit to prevent any serious long-term outcomes.

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