12 Things You Should Always Bring To The Gym
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What To Bring To The Gym? The Ultimate Gym Essentials Checklist

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7 December 2021

Some say that 90% of gym members quit working out in about 3 months. While one reason is lack of motivation, another can be the lack of clarity about what to bring to the gym – especially if they are beginners. 

If you go about gymming without any knowledge of this, as a new gym member you will always find little ways to get irritated. For example, your foul body odor after a gym session. And therefore find reasons to quit.

Guess what! You can get rid of a ton of reasons to quit right on day one of gymming by knowing about the must-have gym accessories. Let’s check these out!

12 Must-Have Gym Accessories For Beginners!

1) Gym shoes

Almost all of your time at the gym is spent on your feet. So, buying a good pair of shoes is a wise investment. Comfortable shoes are essential for healthy posture and the health of your spine, so invest in a decent pair and keep them in your gym bag.

But know that different workouts require different kinds of shoes. Weightlifting, Zumba, cross-fit, running, indoor rock climbing, and indoor jogging all have shoes built expressly for them. 

Depending on what you intend to do in the gym, you should buy the correct pairs.

Having a variety of shoes will also help you avoid unpleasant foot odors that come with prolonged use of any one pair.

2) Energizing snacks

A solid workout can make you hungry sooner than you think. That makes post workout nutrition necessary. Why not have snacks to keep you energized before that meal? 

You may not always have time for a full breakfast. So keeping snacks like fruits, almonds, yogurt, and other healthy foods in your gym bag might help you push through until you can have a decent meal. 

You know bananas are a great post workout snack. You can also depend on energy drinks. 

3) Earbuds/ headphones

When considering what you should bring to the gym, never forget inspiring music! And that’s why a nice pair of headphones is a must-have for every gym session. Music that motivates you and good headphones can make the difference between a good and great workout. 

So, whether you prefer small earbuds or larger, over-the-ear headphones, make sure to pack your preferred pair before leaving the house. And anyway, likely, the music in your local gym isn’t something you want to hear.

4) Water bottle

One of the most essential fitness dos is to ensure proper hydration. One way to do that is by keeping a reusable water bottle with you always and especially when you go to the gym. 

And yeah, try to avoid using plastic and instead use a steel or copper bottle.

You can choose from the best during workout drinks to help with your hydration.

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5) A clean towel

After you take care of not making any hydration mistakes, you also need to take care of the sweat that causes the need for that hydration. 

The best way to do that is by keeping a microfiber or cotton towel always by your side at the gym. After all, you don’t want to let your sweaty palms ruin the grip of the weights. 

Using your own towel is best to ensure hygiene – especially during the corona pandemic. But if your gym provides you with a towel, you have the option to save up some space in your gym bag.

6) Workout clothes

What should you bring to the gym when you are not heading straight from home in your workout clothes? The workout attire!

Many people work out in the evening after business hours. Many just like to change into workout clothes at the gym anyway. 

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting to bring a necessary piece of your workout clothes. For instance, if you forget a pair of socks, be ready for foul-smelling feet or worse, blisters causing you pain. 

Therefore, depending on your workout, you may need to bring the following items:

  • Clean sports bra or underwear.
  • A new set of exercise socks.
  • Hair bands, clips, caps, etc.
  • Swimming goggles, suit, and cap.
  • Tops and bottoms for working out (shorts, sweatpants, or leggings).

7) Personal care items

No matter what gym you go to or what training you do, hygiene is crucial. You want to avoid athlete’s foot and other frequent locker room diseases that come with using other people’s products.

So, add a bath towel, soap, shampoo, moisturizer, wide-toothed comb, extra underwear, essential menstrual products, and antifungal spray to the bag.

Also, there will be occasions when you will be late for the gym and may not have enough time to shower or simply freshen yourself. Body wipes, deodorant, and dry shampoo come in handy at this time.

8) Heart rate monitor

Not everyone will add a heart rate monitor to the list of accessories to bring in the gym. That’s because it’s not necessary. 

However, a heart rate monitor can help you set the limits on your workouts and reps. It’s particularly effective for interval training or pushing yourself into the anaerobic zone. 

9) Grip gloves

When considering what to bring to the gym, we often forget grip gloves! If you’re lifting weights, gloves will come in handy. 

They help you have a stronger grip while also preventing your hands from becoming rough. The skin of your palm can get bristly and coarse due to pushing and lifting weights. So, get a pair of strong yet comfy grip gloves and save yourself the trouble.

10) Armband

We rarely leave the house without carrying our phones with us. And you need your phone if you like to have some music, audiobook, or podcast running in the background to motivate you in your workouts. 

But having the phone bouncing in our pocket can be quite bothersome. An armband for your phone might be the best option. This will allow you to secure your phone in a strap around your bicep whether you are running, or doing indoor or outdoor cycling.

11) Gym lock

While many gyms feature self-locking combination lockers, others require you to supply your lock. Because not all locks fit all lockers, this can be a problem. You can just call your gym and ask them about this in advance. 

12) Gym bag

How to carry stuff at the gym? With a gym bag! A gym bag is probably the most essential item on this list. 

And not just any gym bag. It’s pointless to tote about an oversized bag or try to pack everything into a bag that’s too small. The right-sized gym bag will fit all of your essentials and be light enough to take on a bus or taxi if necessary.

Consider getting a gym bag with separate wet and dry compartments if you want to shower at the gym. Also, ensure the bag includes a separate pocket for your phone. Make sure the bag is washable too.

Wrapping Up

Now you know what to bring to the gym for beginners. The must-have gym accessories will help you have an effective and fun workout during every session. Therefore, helping you get fitter. 

The gym bag essentials for beginners mentioned in this list are all affordable too, which is icing on the cake.

It’s time you commit to your gym goals and start packing your gym bag!


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