Waking Up Dehydrated? Reasons & How You Can Fix It

Waking Up Dehydrated

Ever felt dehydrated when you wake up from a nap after a long working day? If so! You are not alone here.

Well, the reason behind waking up dehydrated every morning is that we stop consuming water while we are sleeping. But during this as well our body is still losing water: through the skin as sweat, through moisture when we breathe, and through the making of urine in the kidneys. 

This means that we tend to lose water while we sleep, so we get dehydrated at night. Eventually, dehydration could lead to high fatigue when you wake up.

Let’s look at the broader reasons for waking up dehydrated in the morning!

Why Do You Wake Up Dehydrated?

There are numerous reasons you may be waking up thirsty, but almost every point is stuck at one reason: dehydration. Read below to know more about it.

1) Poor water intake throughout the day: Do you know that saliva is primarily made up of water? So, if you’re not consuming the required levels of water, your body may not have enough water to produce adequate amounts of saliva which might result in a dry mouth.

Chugging a bottle of water before bed isn’t the solution to avoid waking up thirsty. In fact, excessive consumption of water in the evening can not only wash away some of the saliva that’s currently present but also potentially increase your chances of developing a dry mouth overnight.

So, you need to ensure an adequate level of water intake throughout the day to avoid dehydration in the body.

2) Medications: There are hundreds of medications associated with dry mouth, including common ones that you can find easily over-the-counter. The most common causes of medication-induced dehydration are:

  • Drugs used to treat urinary incontinence
  • Antidepressants and anxiety medicines
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Antihistamines
  • Decongestants

Furthermore, cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can also cause dry mouth. 

Talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing dry mouth and he or she may be able to recommend an easy alternative that suits you the best.

Know More: Dry Mouth from Anxiety

3) Room with dry or humid air: Dry air is very common in mountain regions, deserts, and the winter seasons. It can sap moisture from your nasal passages and mouth. It can also affect your sleep and lower your performance the next day.

Air that’s too humid can also cause you to wake up dehydrated. Your sweat can’t evaporate as easily into the air because it’s already laden with moisture when it’s too humid. Since your body is still producing sweat, you can have intense fluid loss that you need to stay hydrated. 

This means you feel extremely sweaty, and parched due to dehydration and excessive sweating.

4) Hangover Nights: If your last night was filled with too much alcohol consumption, be ready for the dehydrated mouth the next day! 

Alcohol is a diuretic (a substance that can increase urination known as diuresis). That means your body loses fluids more rapidly than the usual rate. If you aren’t hydrating with a proper mix of electrolytes and water while drinking, you may become dehydrated. 

Lastly, excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to vomiting, another key factor responsible for dehydration.

Now, you must be well clear with the reasons for waking up dehydrated on some of the mornings. Have a look at the different ways to fix this quickly!

How Can You Fix Being Dehydrated while Waking Up?

You have to make slight changes in your diet throughout the day rather than gulping a full bottle of water in the one go. 

The best way to avoid excessive fluid loss is to prevent dehydration properly. Incorporate the below-mentioned health tips in your daily routine to avoid chronic dehydration in your body:

  • Drink Water: When something’s right in front of you, it’s hard to ignore, isn’t it? Having a bottle by your side can make it even more exciting to drink water morning, evening, and night. Always remember, it’s better to drink water slowly than gulp it all down at once.
  • Eat more water-filled foods: If you are confused that what to eat when you’re dehydrated, you can move to water- rich fruits and vegetables which are good for you because of all their nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and fibers. They also contain large amounts of water. In fact, cantaloupe, watermelon, leafy greens, and tomatoes all are some of the best water-rich foods as they contain 90% water! 
  • Look for alternative snacks: Instead of reaching for crackers or cookies, choose fresh fruits with yogurt or cut-up veggies with hummus. Paired with protein sources, these fruits and vegetables can give you the added boost to get through your afternoon and keep you well hydrated.
  • If you are an exercise freak, you might need more than just water. Go for a sports drink or coconut water for post-workout. Plus, avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption if you’re already feeling dehydrated as this can increase your fluid loss.
  • Add Some Taste: Well! If you are not sure how you will manage complete fluids throughout the day? Try adding natural ingredients to your water, like fresh strawberries, mint leaves, cucumbers, or a few lemon slices. This way it makes the regular water enriched with flavors and satisfies your taste buds.


If you wake up during the night because you’re feeling thirsty, the cause could be your room environment, inappropriate water intake throughout the day, or certain medications you are taking.

Certain modifications in your daily routine including the diet could lead to peaceful sleeping patterns and you will wake up hydrated and fresh. 

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