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Sugarcane Juice: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Going out in the summer feels like a real pain with the sun literally burning you and your body cells almost giving up. 

While you would want to rush back home all tired and exhausted, the only thing that makes you stay is a fresh, refreshing, and chilled glass of sugarcane juice you saw right at a roadside stall!

India is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane, after Brazil. It is easily available all throughout the country at a very low price, as low as INR 10. That is the reason why sugarcane juice is not commercially produced and sold in bottles in supermarkets.

Sugarcane juice nutritional facts and values

Sugarcane juice is obtained from the sugarcane plant (Saccharum Officinarum), Saccharum is officially known for its sweet flavor and high sugar content.

It is served as a cooling drink with ice, flavored with a dash of lemon, or sizzled with mint, ginger, and salt. Along with being a refreshing, go-to drink for people, sugarcane juice contains many health benefits that are very positive for your body functions.

1 serving of sugarcane juice is around 247 grams. The nutrition data for the nutritional values for sugarcane juice is as follows-

  • Energy- 183 Kcal ( 9% of RDI)
  • Carbohydrates- 49. 82 g (19%)
  • Protein- 0.27 g 
  • Calcium- 97.84 mg
  • Iron- 3.22 mg 
  • Potassium- 27 mg
  • Sugar- 17.14 g

Other important minerals present in sugarcane are- magnesium, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin and several amino acids along with flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds.

Health benefits of sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is loaded with vital nutrients which provide immunity and hydration to the body. There are numerous health benefits of sugarcane juice which are as follows-

  • Provides instant energy

Sugarcane juice is one of the best go-to drinks to energize yourself and ensure you don’t experience dehydration. 

The simple sugars in the juice are easily absorbed by the body and thus helps in providing instant energy and replenishment of sugar levels.

  • Ease the digestive system

People suffering from digestive distress can benefit to a large extent from sugarcane juice due to the presence of important minerals like potassium.

Sugarcane juice balances the pH levels in the stomach and eases the secretion of digestive juices thus making digestion a smooth and easy process. It also prevents stomach infections.

  • Safe for diabetic people

The high sugar content in sugarcane juice makes it skeptical for diabetics to consume it. But as the juice has natural sugars, it has a considerably low Glycemic Index.

The low GI levels prevent sudden spikes in blood glucose levels thus making sugarcane juice a safe drink for diabetes. However, the amount consumed should be in moderation and not in excess.

  • Developing bones and teeth

Sugarcane chewing was considered a popular pastime among children in the olden days, mostly keeping them occupied.

The calcium-rich sugarcane ensures the proper development of the skeletal system, bones, and teeth.

  • Relieves pain associated with STDs & UTIs

Sugarcane juice with added lime juice and coconut water can help reduce the burning sensation associated with sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and prostatitis.

  • Improves liver function

Sugarcane juice is one of the best cures known for liver-related disorders, mainly jaundice. 

As sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature, it helps maintain the electrolyte balance in the body and thus also balances the hydration levels.

  • Cures acne

Topical use of sugarcane juice can help reduce and cure skin problems such as acne due to the presence of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid,

It also aids in exfoliating the skin when mixed with Fuller’s earth, also popularly known as Multani mitti. This greatly reduces the active acne and pimple marks.

Sugarcane juice vs Energy Drinks vs Electrolyte drink

Sugarcane juice can be termed as a natural and healthy drink for people, especially in summers. It boosts immunity and works wonders in treating many health disorders. 

Sugarcane juice is also loaded with many important minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, etc. However, with very high sugar content, excess consumption can lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.

The juice also contains a compound called Policosanol which can cause insomnia, upset stomach, dizziness, headaches, and weight loss (if consumed excessively). 

Energy drinks, on the other hand, are available both naturally and commercially. Energy drinks are a more amorphous category, a combination of lifestyle beverages and functional beverages.

They provide refreshment, flavor, and hydration and also contain functional ingredients—mainly caffeine—to provide instant energy. 

However, energy drinks contain very high amounts of caffeine and sugar and thus they should not be consumed in excess otherwise it can lead to heart problems and many related health issues.

Electrolyte drinks are drinks that mainly contain all the essential minerals required by the body like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 

These are best known to recover the body from dehydration and maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance. Electrolyte drinks are usually consumed by sportspeople who are indulged in heavy workouts with profuse sweating.

Although electrolyte drinks are commercially marketed, it is best advised to consume natural derivatives like milk, coconut water, smoothies, etc. to prevent overdose on sugars and other artificial additives.

Bottom line

Sugarcane juice is by far, one of the most feasible beverages which provide instant energy and helps in quick rehydration. A chilled glass of sugarcane juice in summers won’t do you any harm.

The only caution you need to take care of is not consuming excessive amounts of it due to the high sugars present. 

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