Protein Water: Benefits, Pros & Cons

protein water

Protein water is one of the newest trends in the health industry. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of protein and water. The protein in the protein water can be made of a animal, plant or dairy-based. The protein water benefits can’t be denied as it provides about 15g of protein in one serving (about 480 ml).

These power-packed protein water packages have branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in them. These BCAAs are the building blocks of muscle so they are necessary to build muscles and help in recovering after an intense workout. 

Having this protein water within 2 hours post workout will give you a boost of energy, and decreases fatigue and cramps too. This article explains everything about protein water, its benefits, pros and cons and why you should drink it!

In this article, we will cover:

  1. What is Protein Water?
  2. Protein Water vs Protein Shake
  3. Who Should Drink Protein Water?
  4. Pros of Drinking Protein Water
  5. Cons of Drinking Protein Water
  6. Conclusion

What is Protein Water?

A simple combination of Protein and water, protein water comes in pre-packaged ready-to-drink small bottles or tetra-packs by many brands. They all have many different flavors and different types of proteins as well. They are based on whey protein (dairy-based), plant-based protein (pea-protein) or even animal-based (collagen) proteins. So you can choose them based on your dietary preferences.

Protein water has about 15 gms of protein and just 70 calories, which is a dream for many lean mass builders as it can help them hit their daily protein goals without jumping over the calorie intake. 

Other than that, the protein water is rich in vitamins (vitamin C, D, B complex)  and minerals (calcium, magnesium) too. This is an added benefit, just like electrolyte water that will help you recover from your exercise fatigue faster. 

Protein water packages generally have low sugar levels but it is advised to read the labels to avoid added sugars, artificial sweeteners and any allergens.  

Protein Water vs Protein Shake

The good old protein shake fills all the requirements of a regular gym lover. It is rich in protein, provides full muscle recovery nutrients and makes you feel full for a long time. However, a protein shake has a lot of calories per serving which is the downside of it. While Our newest product in the gym-town, protein water has fewer calories than a protein shake. 

Another downside of the protein shake is that it is not easy to digest, but Protein water is easier to digest by most. 

The protein water lacks carbs that aid in muscle recovery post-workout so you will need another protein-rich snack like an energy bar or yoghurt to fulfil the requirements. The protein shake has the full calorie and protein content. 

Protein water, being a water-based drink has more water than a protein shake which keeps the body hydrated and prevents post-workout fatigue, cramps and muscle pains too. 

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Who Should Drink Protein Water?

  • Athletes – It keeps them satiated for a long and provides energy for long-term sports activities. 
  • Cancer Patients – Recovering from cancer or any terminal illness can be quite harsh on the body. That’s why protein water benefits can be taken into consideration for cancer patients. It gives strength to the body and helps in recovering faster.
  • For Weak & ill – Overall Weak or malnourished people, those who are recovering from illness can also drink protein water after their doctor’s approval. 
  • After Workout – It is an excellent product that helps in muscle recovery and in building up lean muscle mass too.
  • To lose weight – 1.8 to 2 g per kg body weight of protein per day can increase the lean muscle mass and also help in weight reduction.
  • For Vegetarians – Protein water is useful For Vegetarians or vegans, pregnant or nursing mothers as it comes in plant-based and dairy-based drinks. It is advised to ask your healthcare provider before taking it.

Pros of Drinking Protein Water

  • The Protein water comes as a pre-packaged drink, so no need to mix and adjust the quantity. 
  • The flavors and water-like consistency make it easy to drink
  • Protein water is digested easily as compared to the protein shake. 
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on the stomach but keeps you feeling full for long.
  • Unlike other protein options, it is free of fat and cholesterol and low in sugar too.
  • Protein water is best for those who are on a liquid diet to lose weight. It helps in the process and provides necessary nutrients as well.
  • Protein consumption increases the water absorption in the body so drinking protein water will keep the body hydrated as well.

Cons of Drinking Protein Water

  • Protein water can be harmful to those who have either kidney disease or any issue in digesting proteins (protein metabolism disorder).
  • Those with milk allergy or lactose intolerance must not consume whey protein-based protein water.
  • It can be an expensive add-on to the regular protein-rich diet.
  • For those who are already on a high-protein diet, it can be an unnecessary addition.
  • It is not enough to complete the daily protein requirements so it can be taken off and on and it needs a protein snack along with it to accomplish the daily requirements of an average athlete. 


Protein water has its own pros and cons. You can drink it to give it a try and see how your body responds to it. If you are able to digest it easily then you can drink it often without any side effects. 

Just Read the label of protein water carefully to avoid harmful ingredients, flavors, allergens and excessive sugar. Also, it is not enough to just drink the protein water, you need a protein-rich snack to make the most of the protein intake and get better results post-workout.


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