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18 Natural Home Remedies for Nausea

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24 September 2022

That feeling you get when you are about to vomit is clinically known as nausea. It has numerous causes ranging from car sickness to medication side effects.

While it is difficult to narrow down the aetiology without medical supervision, you can be relieved of the condition by following these simple yet effective home remedies for nausea.

 Let’s start by addressing the probable causes of nausea.

What Causes Nausea?

  • Food overconsumption– Overeating can have an impact on the stretch receptors present in the stomach resulting in nausea. It can also be caused by spicy food.
  • FastingAcid Reflux and Bile deposition can cause nausea.
  • Medicine side effects – Almost 80% of all drugs have been known to cause mild to moderate nausea .
  • Pregnancy – Over half of all pregnant women suffer from nausea, according to the American Pregnancy Association. This condition is caused by hormonal changes occurring during the first trimester of pregnancy, commonly called morning sickness.
  • Alcohol-related toxicity- Over-consumption of alcohol results in acid reflux which can irritate the stomach and cause vomiting.
  • Experiencing intense pain– Any kind of pain, physical or mental can alter the internal metabolic state that might lead to nausea
  • Gastrointestinal issues– GI issues like upset stomach can also cause nausea. In this article, we shall discuss home remedies for nausea and upset stomach

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Home Remedies to Treat Nausea

If you have woken up middle of the night with a feeling of nausea, here is how to stop nausea fast at night.

  • Consume Ginger – A daily dose of dried ginger has shown to be a good alternative to anti-emetics in case of radiation therapy or pregnancy-related morning sickness.
  • Onion – Onions are known to reduce nausea immediately. Mix one teaspoon of onion powder with one teaspoon of ginger mix to get rid of nausea
  • Spices – Fennel, cinnamon and cumin are known to reduce inflammation and menstruation-related nausea and cramps.
  • Clove – For clove, boil one teaspoon of clove powder into twenty or thirty milligrams of water on medium heat for about two minutes. Strain the mixture and drink it when you feel nauseated.
  • Pregnancy can bring about frequent bouts of nausea. Here are some tips that are especially beneficial
  • Slice a lemon – Freshly sliced lemon or essence has shown to reduce nausea in pregnant women
  • Vitamins – During the first 17 weeks of pregnancy, a daily supplement of 30g of vitamin B6 was found to significantly reduce nausea compared to a placebo after five days.
  • Zinc – It improves circulation. For nausea relief, take 25 mg zinc per day.
  • Avoid iron supplements – Pregnant women with normal iron levels should avoid taking iron supplements during the first trimester because they may worsen feelings of nausea
  • Sipping cold water or Apple juice can be very helpful in reducing nausea
  • Peppermint – In comparison with anti-nausea medications and placebos, those exposed to the peppermint smell reported significantly less nausea. Researchers have claimed peppermint oil to be a perfectly safe alternative.
  • Acupuncture or Acupressure – A traditional Chinese medication procedure, has been proven to be as potent as anti-emetic medication.
  • Breathing Exercises – certain controlled breathing techniques in addition to aromatherapy have significantly reduced nausea in post-surgery patients.
  • Muscle relaxation – PMR or progressive muscle relaxation is a technique where spontaneous tension and relaxation can reduce stress and nausea
  • Stretching – Stretching can relieve stress which is known to reduce nausea.
  • Cool Compress – It can get rid of neck tightness and relieve nausea
  • Milk Toast – Milk soothes the throat and reduces inflammation while bread absorbs excess acid. This combination can reduce nausea effectively
  • Protein Rich Diet – Eating a proper diet with the right amounts and types of nutrients can improve weakness-related nausea
  • Avoid spicy or fatty foods – Avoid spicy or fatty foods and eat foods such as the BRAT( Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast) Diet. Foods that are easy to digest will help you combat nausea in the long run by preventing acidity.
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Other Ways to Treat Nausea

How to stop vomiting immediately?

OTC and prescription medications known as anti-emetics can help to treat nausea. They’re classified into different groups varying in their mechanism of action and efficacy.

  • Serotonin antagonists inhibit the serotonin pathway of Nausea. These drugs effectively control acute nausea and vomiting. Examples include Ondansetron and Granisetron.
  • NK-1 receptor antagonists block NK-1, a receptor that is part of the vomiting reflex. These drugs are mainly used to prevent delayed nausea and vomiting. Examples are Aprepitant and Rolapitant
  • Cannabinoids are active ingredients in marijuana. They are sometimes used as alternatives in case other drugs aren’t effective. They also stimulate appetite. Consult your doctor about the potential side effects of cannabinoids like Dronabinol and Nabilone.
  • A combination of these drugs combats acute as well as delayed onset nausea.   

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When to See a Doctor

If you experience any of these symptoms, visit a doctor immediately

  • Chest pain or breathlessness
  • Indicators of dehydration – (Dry lips, swollen eyes, rapid breathing) 
  • Severe Abdominal pain
  • Nausea lasting for several days or recurring

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Nausea is a noxiously unpleasant sensation. It can rapidly lead to vomiting, turn severe, and even be life-threatening.

The home remedies for nausea in this article will help you to stop nausea and vomiting immediately. This is vital if you have a vomiting child or want to stop vomiting during pregnancy.

Having a good understanding of the probable cause of your nausea will help you make more informed decisions about its treatment and prevent it in the future. In case of emergencies, consult a physician or hospital immediately. 


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