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7 Healthiest Electrolyte Drinks of 2021 To Fuel Your Body

Electrolyte Drinks

Electrolytes are organic minerals that allow electrical charges to pass through them if they are combined with water. They are the primary constituents of electrolyte drinks.

Electrolytes perform numerous pivotal functions in the body. They help in the complete regulation of various essential parts of the body.

Including nerve signaling, muscle contraction, hydration, and PH balance. Several primary electrolytes in the body help carry out the functions mentioned above. They are bicarbonate, chloride, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

The body maintains the electrolytes contained in the blood and different bodily fluids in a very
close range. Suppose a person has an extremely low or high electrolyte level. They might end up
suffering from severe health complications.

Examples of such complications include Cardiac arrest, seizures, cognitive disorders, and coma.

We usually naturally lose electrolytes and other fluids through sweating and different other waste
materials. We need to replenish them by consuming a diet rich in minerals constantly.

Then again, certain situations or activities like excessive vomiting or bouts of diarrhea, or heavy
exercise can deplete our electrolytes. When this happens, it is essential to include electrolyte
drinks in your diet to maintain the appropriate balance.
To do so, we will be discussing the 7 best electrolyte drinks to help you replenish lost electrolytes in your body, Let’s check them out!

7 Best Electrolyte Drinks To Replenish The Body

1. Coconut water – Nature’s electrolyte drink

Coconut Water Nature's Electrolyte Drink

This is the clear fluid that you get from the inner parts of the coconut. In recent years, this
electrolyte drink has increasingly become popular in the market. It is one of the most common
electrolyte drinks that is bottled and sold all over the world.

Coconut water comes with a naturally low sugar content while containing various electrolytes. Coconut water contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. This is also a healthier option over juices,
traditional sports drinks, and sodas.

2. Cow Milk

Cow milk is under appreciated among all the electrolyte drinks. Milk has a lot more usefulness
than used in coffee or breakfast cereals. Furthermore, cow milk is rich in electrolytes such as
potassium, sodium, and calcium. The electrolyte drink also comes with a healthy mix of protein
and carbohydrates.

The protein and carb are two essential macronutrients. They are helpful for the repair of the
muscle tissue and refuelling after working out. Due to the lower costs, milk is usually chosen as a
better beverage for post-workout. Cow milk is indeed among the best healthy electrolyte drinks.

3. Watermelon Water (plus other fruit juices)

This unique water contains a proper electrolyte. It is the juice that is extracted from the
watermelon. A single cup of watermelon juice will deliver nearly 6% of the daily amount for
magnesium and potassium. The watermelon water also contains negligible amounts of other
valuable electrolytes such as phosphorus and calcium.

The juice from watermelon comes with L-Citrulline. When taken in additional amounts,
L-Citrulline might improve athletic performance and boost oxygen flow in the body.

4. Homemade Electrolyte Smoothies

In terms of DIY drinks that have electrolytes, we need to throw on smoothies to the mix.
Smoothies involve the mixing of various foods rich in electrolytes to form one drinkable

A smoothie contains a blend of foods that are some of the best sources to get electrolytes.
Whole foods like dairy products, legumes, seeds, nuts, nuts, vegetables, and fruits can be blended
to form a nutritious and delicious smoothie drink. A typical collection of ingredients for a
smoothie drink includes 1.5 tablespoons of fresh chia seeds, half a cup of water, two ripe fresh
bananas, one kale leaf, and one orange. (low-quality recipe)

If you feel famished and are looking to supplement the electrolytes, you lost during a workout,
and the smoothie is the way to go. The drink can be digested quickly and is more delicious than
most of the foods mentioned above.

If you need an excellent electrolyte drink for recovery after a workout session, then the smoothie
is your best bet. They help replace depleted electrolytes. If you include some food rich in protein,
you get added benefits. The smoothie then supports the repair and growth of the tissues of the

If you need to know what drinks have electrolytes? Try the smoothie. It enables you to get
electrolytes from mixing whole foods such as dairy products, vegetables, and fruits. The
smoothies are great as a recovery beverage both before and after a workout session.

5. Electrolyte-infused drinks

Electrolyte-infused water is one of the best and low-calorie methods of hydrating yourself and
replenishing your electrolytes. Electrolyte infused water is water that contains electrically-active
minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. In some commercial setups,
electrolyte-infused water can be called alkaline water or mineral water.

How electrolyte-infused water is produced?

Commercially, electrolyte-infused water is produced during the filtration of the water. After
undergoing a thorough process of filtration, the water made to pass through compressed
minerals. These minerals are present in the mineral filter and are used to add magnesium,
calcium, potassium, sodium, and different other healthy minerals to produce an excellent water
solution enhanced with electrolytes.

Depending on the brand you buy, this is one of the healthiest electrolyte drinks. It is meant to
hydrate and replenish the lost amount of electrolytes in the body.

These electrolyte drinks come in two variants: sugar and non-sugar variants. Many of these drinks are meant to replace the depleted carbs & electrolytes that have been used up during exercise.

The electrolyte-infused waters are often a significant and low-calorie way to hydrate yourself.
Rather than use high-calorie sports drinks or a bland bottle of water, why not use electrolyte-infused water to keep yourself hydrated.

6. Electrolyte Powder

Electrolyte powders offer another option for making an electrolyte drink. Powder enables
you to make an inexpensive and convenient electrolyte drink. It offers you the opportunity to
make your electrolyte drink on the go.

It’s an easy and yet fun thing to do. Just mix the powder with water and stir or shake it to mix it.
Electrolyte powders are safe, but drinks are usually recommended. The electrolytes in drinks are
readily absorbed by the body.

Many of these electrolyte tablets are made up of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.
Furthermore, they are usually low in calorie and sugar content and are sold commercially in
various unique and fruity flavours.

Is it safe to use electrolyte powders?

It is absolutely beneficial to drink electrolyte powder because it helps improve exercise performance,
support the functioning of the nervous system, prevent heat strokes, and help to rehydrate
the body during sickness. In a nutshell, It will be a beneficial option, if you are involved in
prolonged physical activities like intense workouts and traveling.

7. Sports drinks

People looking for the best electrolyte drinks in 2020 can find that in sports drinks. Powerade
and Gatorade, which are sports drinks that are commercially sold, have long been the electrolyte
drink for most sportspeople. Their makers have carefully formulated them to help athletes
replenish depleted electrolytes.

Sports drinks are helpful beverages that are essential for athletes who perform in endurance
sports. They are helpful for people who need a mixture of easily digestible carbs, electrolytes,
and fluids. This helps maintain energy and hydration throughout physical activity.

While most sports drinks come with excess added sugar, sugar-free products are usually
recommended. Sports drinks that contain the right amount of electrolytes are among the
healthiest electrolyte drink products.

Whereas some of these sports drinks seem to come with unwanted ingredients like Caffeine, Guarana, and Ginseng.

As a great DIYer, you could formulate your own sports drinks to be nutritious and healthy at the
same time. Just mix 100% fruit juice, some salt, and coconut water. This helps you create a more
healthy electrolyte drink without any added sugar and those unnecessary ingredients.


The healthiest electrolyte drinks are those that contain the right amount of electrolytes with
an optimum amount of sugar as glucose in there helps the body to absorb electrolytes better but
make sure It’s made up of sucrose (fruit-based sugar) or you can opt for the no-sugar variant.

Athletes and active people need these drinks for on-the-go sports performances. This guide has all
you need to know for optimal sports performance.

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