Top 15 Foods High In Vitamin B12 (Nutritionist Verified)
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Top 15 Foods High In Vitamin B12 (Nutritionist Verified)

HealthyStripe's Editorial Team
7 October 2021

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient required by the body for good heart health, better cognitive function, clear vision, keeping the nerves healthy, and supporting the production of DNA and RBC cells. 

Since Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, our body constantly requires it and this can be done through diet or supplements. 

Major sources are meat, fish, dairy products, etc. Fortified foods are a good substitute for animal food, for vegetarians and vegans in particular

List of Foods high in Vitamin B-12

1) Eggs

Eggs are known to be a complete protein food with a very high Vitamin B12 content present in them. The yolk part has more Vitamin B12 as compared to the whites and it is also easier to absorb.

1.1 micrograms of vitamin B12 are found in two big eggs (100 grams). That’s 46% of the daily value.

2) Dairy products

Milk and other dairy products like yogurt, cheese, paneer, etc. are excellent sources of Vitamin B12. One cup of milk which is roughly around 250 ml provides 46% of the DV of Vitamin B12.

The nutritional properties of milk make it one of the best sources to strengthen your bones and teeth and it also helps in managing weight.

Other dairy products like cheese, curd, yogurt, etc, are also good sources of calcium and must be added to an essential part of the daily diet.

3) Beef

Beef is also one of the most popular foods high in Vitamin B12 content. It is also a great source of other B-complex vitamins and minerals like zinc and selenium.

The correct way to get the most Vitamin B12 from beef is to prefer roasting or grilling instead of frying as oil leaches out the necessary vitamins from the beef.

4) Organ meats

Organ meats especially animal liver and kidneys are known to be foods tremendously high in Vitamin B12 content.

Lamb’s liver is also a great source of important minerals required by the body namely copper and selenium along with Vitamin A, B1 (Thiamine), B2 ( riboflavin).

5) Salmon

One of the most consumed animal foods out there, Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and Vitamin B12. It is also a rich source of protein and potassium.

Cooked salmon half fillets (178 grams) can provide 208 % of the daily value (DV) for vitamin B12. Also low in saturated fats, salmon reduces the incidence of heart diseases.

6) Fortified cereals

Fortified foods, especially cereals, have come up as a boon for vegetarians and vegans who cannot consume animal sources.

“ Food Fortification is a process in which the required nutrients are additionally added to the food. They are not actually present in the food initially.”

Fortified cereals are a good source of Vitamin B12 and other B-complex vitamins as well. The nutritional content depends upon the fortification done in the cereals.

With fortified foods, make sure you choose brands that are low in added sugars and are high in fiber.

7) Tuna

Tuna is a very commonly consumed fish and is a food high in Vitamin B12 content. More than that, it is also a rich source of proteins, other vitamins, and minerals.

Vitamin B12 is abundant in tuna, particularly in the black muscles located just beneath the skin. Canned tuna also contains a fairly decent amount of Vitamin B12.

8) Nutritional yeast

Vegetarians and vegans can again look up to having high Vitamin B12 content without any hesitation. Nutritional yeast is an easy, go-to food involved in vegan cooking a lot.

According to the USDA, two tablespoons (15 grams) of nutritional yeast can supply up to 733 percent of the daily value (DV) for Vitamin B12.

Nutritional yeast is claimed to have a cheesy and nutty flavor which actually makes the food tastier as well as nutritious.

9) Yeast extract

Many people are not yet aware of what yeast extracts are, but simply put, it is the brown sticky stuff that you may see Americans smearing on toast.

Although they are not very taste-friendly, they contain very high amounts of Vitamin B12. Just be careful how much you use, as these items might have a lot of sodium in them.

10) Clams

These belong to the category of shellfish and contain many important nutrients which the body regularly needs.

It is a lean source of protein and is one particular food high in Vitamin B12 content as well. Clams are an excellent provider of iron, also being great with antioxidants.

11) Shrimps

It’s the crustacean king! About 80% of the daily dose of vitamin B12 is found in shrimp. It’s also high in choline, thus favoring good brain and heart health.

Moreover, shrimps are also a great source of lean protein thus helping with muscle strengthening and maintenance.

To know more food sources for muscle strength, click here.

12) Sardines

Sardines, a form of tiny fish, provide approximately 20% of your daily vitamin B12 need in a single meal, thus making it a great fit for your everyday diet.

Sardines are high in lean protein and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a fatty acid that is essential for prenatal brain development and adult cognition.

13) Trout

Every three ounces of trout contains 4.2 milligrams of vitamin B12.

The EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) considers these fish to be “eco-best” because they are largely farmed following strict environmental guidelines.

14) Crab

Crab is also known to be one of the foods high in Vitamin B12 content. Around 9.8 micrograms of vitamin B12 are found in three ounces of crab.

Snow and stone crab contain low levels of pollutants, and harvesting produces less ecological impact.

15) Mussels

3 ounces of mussels provide up to 340 percent of your daily B12 requirement. They also contain 20 grams of lean protein, vitamin C, and iron. 

With high EPA and DHA, and omega-3 fatty acids, mussels provide a lot of nourishment without a lot of calories, which is ideal if you’re attempting to reduce weight.

Bottom Line

Vitamin B12, no doubt, is one of the key nutrients for smooth body functioning. Since the food sources are mainly all animal sources, people with a restricted diet can find it a bit difficult to procure the best out of their desired foods.

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However, Vitamin B12 supplements, in limited amounts, can be consumed in order to fill in the lack of this vitamin along with fortified food options available.

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