Top 10 Fitness Dos And Donts: Before And After Workout
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Top 10 fitness Do’s and Don’ts: Before and After workout

Fitness isn’t only about hitting the gym and gulping down several supplements. There are many important Fitness DOs and DON’Ts to consider while you play, practice, and exercise.

Maintaining and following fitness goals is not a cakewalk. It requires a considerable amount of effort, patience, and practice. 

Along with sweating it out, the important things relating to your fitness should be kept in mind.

Why is it important to keep DO’s and DON’Ts in check

If you have a fitness goal but do not know the right ways to reach that goal, it will all end in vain. 

The before and after of your workout matters a lot because whatever activities you do in the whole course of your workout regime make an impact on the way your body recovers.

When you know what you shouldn’t do to hamper your fitness, you grow with a happy and healthy body, keeping yourself motivated and injury-free.

Top 10 DOs and DON’Ts of fitness

The DOs

  • Keep your diet in check before a workout

It is a good habit to make a meal plan before your workout session to keep your nutrition requirements in check. Include a fruit mandatorily, mainly bananas and apples.

A bowl of oatmeal is also good to provide instant energy. Avoid foods with high carbohydrates and proteins as they take a longer time to digest and can cause stomach cramps later.

Do not stuff yourself by eating too much. Instead, prefer consuming your meal two hours before your exercise session to aid timely digestion and glucose absorption to provide energy.

  • Do maintain your hygiene

It is important to maintain proper hygiene before and after your workout session. Taking a shower after your workout is one of the first things you must do.

Keep wiping excess sweat during your session breaks with a clean towel. Also, take care of your personal hygiene to avoid health complications.

  • Do have a workout buddy

Having a workout partner encourages you to practice more and improve your game. A partner can motivate you to work out when you normally might not. 

Moreover, with a partner having equal skills and abilities like you and even more, you get a chance to learn and get inspired and step up your game. Having a partner is also essential for maintaining healthy competition vibes.

  • Do keep yourself hydrated

The importance of hydration in sports and fitness cannot be underestimated. When exercising, the body needs four to eight ounces of water every 20 minutes to replace water loss. 

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High-intensity exercises and excessive sweating can cause dehydration which can lead to many health problems like headaches, diarrhea, muscle cramps, fatigue, etc.

If you are feeling thirsty during a workout, take fluids immediately. If you are working out for more than an hour, you may want to consider sports drinks or energy drinks, as the extra carbohydrates help retain body water.

Water is not enough when you practice for long hours. In that case, you need natural electrolyte drinks to replenish your lost minerals and fluids and to keep you charged before and after a workout.

  • Do have a proper relaxation

Don’t hit the gym or attempt any kind of high-intensity exercise if you are not properly relaxed or are stressed out due to some reason. 

During a workout, your mind and body must remain in an equal interactive state. Detach yourself from your regular mundane work pressures or unpleasant thoughts and look for relaxation. 

Try some breathing exercises or relaxation techniques like listening to music, reading a book, or going out for a walk in nature.

The DON’Ts

  • Don’t overtrain

Everything in excess is harmful and so is training. For maximum benefit at minimum injury risk, the body needs to rest and recover. 

Do not keep practicing for very long hours. Stagger workouts between heavy and light strain. Take proper rest after high-intensity workouts.

Identify your capacity and do not try to go beyond that in the first stage itself. Keep improving slowly rather than all at once.

  • Do not get bored

Don’t get bored with your workout. If you are following the same exercise pattern, try to break the monotony. Try different types of training programs to keep your interest flowing.

Focus on looking for new ways to exercise. If possible, change your surroundings as well. Since different exercises work different parts of the body, a diverse workout will aid overall fitness.

  • Don’t compromise on concentration

Concentration is like an asset for every important activity. Ironically, losing concentration is also one of the easiest to happen.

You might decrease intensity as you lose concentration. DIverting focus can cause injury and downhill performance. 

Instead, use the time to concentrate on proper form and control. When you are working out, detach yourself from outside distractions for that duration and only focus on a better workout.

  • Do not indulge in substance abuse

The constant pressure of performing well and old habits may lead a person to be addict to smoking, drinking, and even drugs. 

This could mean a full stop to all your hard work and cause many health complications like liver problems, heart issues, raised blood pressure, etc.

Quit any kind of substance abuse you are into. This may take time but do not lose hope. A body without smoking, alcohol, and drugs possess the most strength.

  • Don’t wear extremely tight clothes

Looking good and trendy is the new fad but the right clothing is very important during a workout session.

Do not wear extremely tight garments. They not only restrict your free movements but also hampers the supply of oxygen to your exercising muscles. 

Choose a bit of loose and comfortable clothes. Select a variety that breathes well, dries fast, and maintains its shape without stretching.

Bottom Line

Hours of workout and nutritional supplements won’t work unless the protocols of fitness are not followed. 

Thus, keep your DOs and DON’Ts in check in order to prevent hurdles in your workout sessions. Right ways always bring out the right results.

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