Does Bottled Water Expire? Here is the Truth

Does Bottled Water Expire

As we all know the significance of water for our survival. It is a boon blessed to us on the earth planet. The unique properties of water make it different from other liquids. 

Whatever we use in daily life comes with its expiry date after which if consumed can cause illness. Have you ever noticed the water expiry date on the mineral water bottle? Almost all brands have started printing expiry dates on the water bottles that makes us question – is really water not safe after the expiration date? Does bottled water expire? If there is an expiry date, do you know if it is about the water or the bottle? Here you will find out the reason and truth behind the bottled water expiration date

Does Tap Water Expire?

It has been found in research that tap water can be consumed safely for 6 months if stored properly. However, in carbonated tap water, gases start to evaporate leading to a bad taste. Carbon dioxide gas is present in the air and it mixes with the water if left open for longer. This results in the bad taste of regular tap water after a few days due to a high amount of carbon dioxide and a reduced amount of oxygen gas.

Carbon dioxide also results in a slightly acidic undertone of water. But the off-taste of both carbonated and plain tap water does not make water harmful and is safe to consume for up to 6 months. T

he thing you have to do to keep water drinkable and safe for at least 6 months is to store it in a dry, cold and dark place where the hygiene can be maintained. 

To avoid any safety issue, you should dispose of your stored tap water and change that every six months.

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Reason why there is Bottled Water Expiration Date

There are certain reasons behind the water expiry date, and of course, those are logical. You will definitely get an answer for your question – “Does bottled water expire?”.

1) Government bureaucracy

It is compulsory for companies to disclose a list of ingredients, the nutritional value, and the expiry date for beverages and packed food.

2) Chemical Ingredients

Often bottled water at agencies and shops is kept under direct sunlight and due to this plastic can leach chemical ingredients into the water. Though this will not make the water toxic necessarily, it may make it taste slightly different from the fresh mineral water. But precaution is must, in simple terms, water does not expire, plastic bottles expire.

Some of these chemical ingredients like biphenyl A and antimony is a hormone disruptor and may raise the chances of brain lining damage, breast cancer, heart diseases and infertility in men.

So, leaving bottled water under direct sunlight should be avoided or even inside your vehicle on a hot day and consuming it later.

3) Porous Nature of Plastic

The plastic used in making the water bottle is porous (permeable). Due to this, bottled water can pick up bad tastes, smells, and even microbes, if kept for a longer period.

While reusing plastic bottles, be sure to store them in a dark and cool place. It is advisable not to reuse these bottles for more than 15 – 20 days for drinking water.

4) Storage of Bottled Water

When it comes to storage of bottled water, it is advised to consumers to store mineral bottled water at room temperature (25oC) or cooler, away from direct sunlight and chemicals such as paint thinners, gasoline, dry cleaning chemicals, and household cleaners.

When we keep water containers open and store these containers in contaminated places, there are high chances of contamination of water.

The best thing to do, you should not keep water open after use and recap your water bottle and store it in the fridge to keep a crisp taste. You should go for sanitized food-grade and clean water containers for storing water.

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So, Should You Drink Water After Expiry Date?

Even though bottled drinking water past the water expiry date is not considered an issue, storing mineral bottled water for a prolonged time might in some instances pose potential risks.

If the plastic bottle is exposed to high temperatures for longer, chemicals from plastic bottles may leach into the water. As mentioned above, metal antimony is present in bottle ingredients that are considered harmful and may lead to heart and lung problems.

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So, to the best of our knowledge, there is no information about the leaching of chemicals from plastic water bottles due to the impact of time. It is the conditions, mostly temperature that creates concern about the water expiry date. So, in future, if it comes to your mind “Does Bottled Water Expire?”, then keep in mind that it is the water bottle that expires, not the water, and that also depends on how those water bottles are stored.

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