10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Clapping Hands
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10 Clapping Hands Exercise Benefits You Can’t Miss

HealthyStripe's Editorial Team
29 October 2021

Hi there! Let’s start with an activity. 

All you need to do is take the palm of your right hand and then your left and beat them together a couple of times. That’s right! I am asking you to clap. But make sure your hands stay vertical with fingers of each hand touching fingers of the other.


You just applied pressure to about 28 acupressure points, each of which is involved in improving the health of at least one organ of our body. 

So just two seconds of clapping hands exercise benefits my health? You bet! But to make these results visible, you must make clapping a daily habit. How about 20 minutes every morning?

Why morning? And what are these benefits? Keep reading, and we’ll let you know.

Health Benefits Of Clapping Hands

You see, our palms contain the blood vessel and nerve endings of the organs of our body. Stimulating these endings with applied pressure can stimulate the organs themselves. Therefore, healing them and enhancing their functions to some extent. 

1) Enhanced Brain 

Clapping benefits for the brain are surprising! 

According to a 2011 study, clapping encourages cortical activation. It’s the cortical area (cortex) of our brain that handles functions like receiving tactile information from other body parts. It also processes multisensory information. 

All in all, clapping can help you increase cognitive functions, memory, and concentration.

2) Healthy Heart

People suffering from heart health cannot engage in many forms of exercise. They need to keep a strict check on all fitness do’s and don’ts, or they risk having a stroke or a heart attack. Thankfully, anybody can do the clapping exercise.

The clapping hands exercise benefits them by increasing their blood circulation. Thus, decreasing the risk of forming clots which lead to blocked arteries causing heart attacks.

3) Benefits for the Bone

It may seem surprising when we say clapping hands can help improve the strength of your bones.

But even 2 minutes of clapping benefits by stimulating your organs responsible for treating inflammation. The reduced inflammation then helps to heal the pains in your bones and diseases like arthritis.

4) Healthy Hair and Skin

One of the primary clapping hands exercises benefits is the increase in blood circulation. And that’s an essential process for you to reduce hair fall, improve skin health, and increase the strength of your hair. 

That’s because our body transfers nutrients to all our organs, including the skin and hair, through our blood. And with low blood circulation, these nutrients don’t reach them. Thus, leading to embarrassing hair loss or skin problems like acne and pigmentation.

You can also eat foods that prevent hair loss, but clapping along with the correct diet will speed up the results.

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5) Improved Immunity

Clapping tends to increase the number of white blood cells in our blood. This component helps fight microorganisms aka germs, that harm the body and lead to infections. 

Thus, clapping over and over strengthens your immune system and keeps you protected.

6) Better Breathing

The area between your first and middle fingers connects with the lungs. And the area on the top and middle of your middle finger connects with the nasal cavity, larynx, and bronchus. 

When you clap, all these areas are simultaneously pressed, which leads to the healing of your lungs. In simple words, it improves your breathing. 

Also, in case you have nasal congestion bothering you, you can try drinking hot water in the morning. Or it may otherwise cause breathing problems. 

7) Magnificent Mental Wellness

Ever wondered why we clap whenever it comes to encouraging a speaker or appreciating someone? That’s because the act induces happiness hormones like dopamine in our brain.

Happiness hormones have a huge role to play in our bodies. They help reduce our stress levels and keep us from falling down the rabbit hole of depression or anxiety.

8) Improved Eye Health

Using a clapping exercise for eyes can be a game-changer if you commit to doing the exercise consistently. 

When we clap the correct way, we apply pressure to the top of the middle finger, which connects to our eyeballs. 

Additionally, the increase in blood circulation helps to transfer more oxygen and nutrients to your eyes. Thus, making sure of their proper health. 

9) Healthier Liver and Kidney

Some people suggest consuming a liquid diet for a healthy kidney and liver. While that may work, clapping is another effective method.

Did you know the area beneath your middle and ring finger – in the middle of your palm – has the nerve endings of your liver, gallbladder, kidney, and bladder?

Pressing those points while you clap stimulates these organs making them amp up their functioning. 

By doing this, you keep your liver and kidney healthy. And that’s crucial because they are the organs responsible for getting rid of toxins from the body and the absorption of vitamins. They also help keep your skin and eyes healthy while keeping your energy levels upbeat.

10) Benefits Against Diabetes

The nerve endings of your pancreas are in the middle of your palm underneath the ring finger. When you clap and press these points, you make your pancreas strong enough to produce the hormone insulin.

That’s important because many type 2 diabetics have to take insulin injections because their pancreas can no longer produce it. 

The dose of these injections most likely increases as the years pass. And unfortunately, diabetes is not a disease that can get treated easily, rather, it can be only controlled as some doctors say.

These ever-increasing insulin injections or medicines can get expensive.

But with clapping exercise, you can cut some of the costs in the battle against Diabetes.

Bonus Benefit –

Some people believe that clapping hands exercise benefits not only your mental and physical health. It enhances your spiritual health as well.

Wrapping Up

Now you know, clapping hands can help your brain, heart, skin, hair, mental health, eyes, breathing, and more. 

When does clapping exercise benefit the most? The mornings! 

That’s because the benefits you get in the mornings will help you have cheerful health all through the day. But if mornings are not convenient for you, you can do this exercise whenever you like. 

The best part is you can do this exercise in bed or while standing, and while walking as well.

If you start practicing even for 2 minutes daily, the clapping hands exercise benefits will slowly compound while you get used to it. It’s actually as fun as a laughing exercise, so you may have no problem increasing the duration to 20 minutes daily. 

Do that and you will keep your mind, body, and soul healthy.

Have fun clapping!

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