Healthy Seeds To Add To Your Weekly Diet
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Best 5 Healthy Seeds To Add To Your Weekly Diet

HealthyStripe's Editorial Team
13 September 2021

Healthy seeds might appear small to you in size but these can provide a boost to your health. They are power-packed with numerous health benefits which will have a great impact in the long run.

Loaded with an ample amount of fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in them, they are so versatile in nature. They could be incorporated into various dishes depending upon the taste and flavor requirements.

With growing awareness, many people started consuming these healthy seeds for improvements in hair, skin, weight loss, and even overall fitness and health of the body. However, not every seed is healthy for you! We are going to bust 5 healthy seeds for you that you can easily include in your diet.

5 Magical Seeds For Your Diet Plan


In today’s world chia seeds are the most popular ones, aren’t they? These black tiny seeds, namely ‘chia’ in the ancient world have the meaning of ‘strength’. 

People including health professionals are going crazy about these seeds not only because of the high fibre dosage by them but also a very high amount of omega-3 fats, proteins, and other micronutrients. 

The major health benefits include:

  • Power punch of nutrients and very few calories.
  • Rich source of antioxidants ( fights free radicals which can help in preventing deadly diseases such as cancer).
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Full of high-quality protein sources ( prevents hunger cues)
  • Lowers risk of heart diseases.
  • Supports bone health.
  • Can reduce chronic inflammation in the body.
  • Slows down blood sugar levels.



Pumpkin seeds came into the limelight a while back but they were being used to treat several infections like urinary tract and bladder infections, kidney stones, high blood pressure, and even parasites like worms for you. 

In fact, science confirms that pumpkin seeds have an impressive nutrient profile that benefits many aspects of your overall health. They’re a rich source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that reduce risk factors of chronic diseases, including cancer.

These healthy seeds are easily available at various stores as raw, sprouted, or mostly roasted for easy use. You can include them in smoothies, shakes, or over the top of snacks as garnishing.

The major health benefits include:

  • Healthy heart function
  • Lowers risk of diabetes
  • Anti-inflammatory properties ( high fibre content enhances this effect)
  • Anticancer effect (especially breast and prostate cancer)
  • Promotes better sleep function.
  • Increases immunity ( due to the presence of zinc)
  • Easy wound healing ( due to the presence of manganese & vitamin K)



These very popular seeds, also called linseeds are known to be an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, and proteins, in addition to being a rich source of some vitamins and minerals. 

According to various studies, flax seeds have the potential to reduce the risk of cancer as well help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

The major health benefits include:

  • Improves heart health and lowers risk of strokes.
  • Reduced risk of cancer (due to the presence of lignans which has powerful antioxidant and estrogen properties)
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Keeps blood pressure in control
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Plays role in weight management

Flax seeds or flaxseed oil can be added to many ]foods very easily. Try the following:

  • You can add them to water and drink it as part of your daily water intake.
  • Drizzling flaxseed oil as a dressing on a salad.
  • Mix them into your favorite yogurt bowl.
  • Add them into cookies, muffin, bread or any other suitable batters.
  • Mix them into smoothies so that consistency is thick enough.
  • Incorporating them into meat patties for health benefits.



Being warm in nature, sesame seeds are known to reduce inflammation in the body. They are famous in many parts of the country and because of the presence of lignans in them they help to slow down the stress in the body. They also plays a crucial role in improving the sex hormones in the body. 

They are mainly added in foods to give crunchy texture and nutty flavour to various foodstuffs like salads, smoothies, and sweets.

The major health benefits include:

  • Supports healthy bones
  • Aids blood cell formation
  • Can help to reduce body’s inflammation
  • Fights infections ( due to the presence of sesamin and sesamolin)
  • Aids in diabetes treatment
  • Improves oral health 
  • Helps prevent and treat cancer



Sunflower seeds are enriched with minerals, B vitamins, and antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium. Also, they are high in protein source as well as healthy fats that can help lower your risk of serious health ailments

Known for their high nutritional value, you can eat the seeds raw, roasted, or incorporated into other dishes. 

The major health benefits include:

  • Boosts up the immune health
  • Maintains good heart health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Provides high dosage of energy sources

TIP: Eating shelled sunflower seeds requires you to crack them open with your teeth and spit out the shell part which shouldn’t be eaten at all.


Have you ever heard a saying which states plant a seed, watch it grow in front of you, eat a seed and reap its health benefits? Stick with this statement as it’s absolutely true to its words!

Seeds are good sources of plant-based, healthy fats, fiber and minerals and for such a tiny package, the impacts on your body are massive. They boost up your health with loads of health benefits.

So, healthy seeds might appear small to you but are foremost the most nutritious option to include in your diet. Next time you make your smoothie bowl or eat your favourite cereal, don’t forget to add one spoon of your favourite healthy seeds to reap those benefits!

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