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Surprising Benefits of Walking In 8 Shape Infinity Walk


In this generation, where digitalization is everything and screen time has stepped up to an all-time high, keeping ourselves fit and healthy has become rocket science, even when it shouldn’t be.

With the aspects of fitness including proper nutrition and hydration, the importance of physical activity still stands up high.

Physical exercise shouldn’t be a necessity but a habit. Even with exercising, people resort to heavy workouts or jogging due to the fad fitness trends or they simply walk only during weekends, few people skipping that too.

The benefits of walking in 8 shape are much better than that of regular walking. 8 shape walking keeps you more focused. The focus also helps in maintaining a healthy pace of breathing. Plus, you can walk in the 8 shape anywhere, even in small places, which is less comfortable in regular walking.

No wonder some people consider it more fun.

What is 8 shape walking exercise?

8-shaped walking is a very old (around the 1980s) form of walking practiced by Tamil Siddar and Yogis in ancient times. It was developed by clinical psychologist Deborah Sunbeck.

You must have driven your two-wheeler in the shape of 8 for your driving license. Similarly, 8 shaped walking or as the Westerners call it ‘ Infinity walking’, is walking in the shape of 8.

You can literally try this out anywhere, be it your terrace, parking space, small garden, or just outside your house.

8-shaped walking or infinity walking is not known to many people but once you start practicing this form of walking, you will be surprised by the number of health benefits it brings to the table.

While walking, keep your attention on shape 8 which should be drawn in the South-North direction only. You can maintain breathing or say the OM mantra while walking. You can also use Yoga mudra to gain additional advantages. Barefoot walking is just icing on the cake!

What are the benefits of walking in 8 shapes?

The infinity walk benefits are numerous. For people who cannot maintain time schedules or will to go for long walks, infinity walking is a win-win.

Here are the surprising wonders that 8-shaped or infinity walking can do for your body and overall health.

  • One of the foremost and major benefits of infinity walking is that when you walk on that 8 in a North-South direction (against the earth’s magnetic field), your body absorbs energy and activates the chakras responsible for normal hormonal functioning.
  • With 8-shaped walking, you can expect your body to experience full movements and twists. This helps in making the body more flexible.
  • It is suggested that you walk barefoot which gives pressure to the acupuncture points and they get activated.
  • With 8-shaped walking, the mind enhances cognitive function. Focus and concentration are increased.
  • It also helps in better respiratory functions and eases the breathing process clearing the stuffy nose issues. Accordingly, it also cures sinus problems.
  • The continuous 8-shaped walking for 15-30 minutes regulates the blood circulation of your body and helps in equal distribution of it throughout all the organs and body parts.
  • It also aids in digestion and favors smooth bowel movements thus curing GI disorders and constipation.
  • With frequent movement across the 8 shapes, this form of walking facilitates weight loss. The results add on even better if you have a particular weight loss diet like intermittent fasting, going on alongside.
  • For people suffering from arthritis and joint pain, infinity walking works wonders.
  • Benefits of 8-shaped walking also include reduction in shoulder pain, neck pain, and back pain and preventing migraines.
  • It also brings mental peace by relieving stress and calming your mind by releasing your “flight and fight” hormones, which are responsible to fight back stress and anxiety.
  • If you are regular into the 8-shaped walking regime, you may also experience normal blood sugar levels if you are diabetic. However, you must consult your doctor beforehand in this case.
  • It also increases eyesight in the long run and sustains good vision.
  • The problem of insomnia and sleep apnea can also be cured by infinity walking. Moreover, infinity walking is a great solution for those who experience sudden headaches at night.

Note: The 8-shaped walk is not recommended for pregnant women or cancer patients.

How to practice 8 shape infinity walk?

There is a defined structure symmetry and way of proceeding with 8-shaped or infinity walking. Here is how it’s done-

  • Take two chairs and keep at a 3 feet distance from each other. 
  • Now, stand in the center of the two chairs. And pick a direction to move forward. Let’s call this north. 
  • Start by going north around the first chair. Then come towards the south while making the shape of an 8 when you walk. And continue this North-South movement in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions for 15 minutes each.

Note: The first chair will cover the top part of the 8, the second one will cover the bottom one.

  • If using two chairs is not possible, just take a piece of chalk and draw an 8 or the infinity sign on the floor. You can then simply walk on the marking.

When Should You Do 8 Shape Walking Exercises?

Infinity walk benefits most when you do it on an empty stomach in the morning or evening. When you have an empty stomach, the walk helps your body clean out the toxins it has collected. 

The reason why you should do it in the morning or the evening is because you can walk under the sun at these times and also enrich yourself with the Vitamin D of the sun. You don’t want to be under the afternoon sun as its UV rays can be harmful.

You can even try 8 shape walking in your room during your work breaks. This way, you will increase the movement of your body, which is necessary. 

Plus, you will give your eyes a much-needed break from screens by using your work break to avail walking in 8 shape benefits than scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix at the time.


Infinity or 8-shaped walking is a miracle exercise to reverse your health disorders, bring back energy and youthfulness, and most importantly, it caters to the overall fitness of the body.

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