Gargling with Salt Water: Benefits & How Often You Should Do it

Benefits of drinking salt water

Slight toothache or mild sore throat are some of the common problems people face on a daily basis but you don’t need to worry! 

Saltwater gargles are an easy and affordable way to cure your dental health by protecting the gums from cavities and swollen gums. It creates an osmosis effect and the salt concentration draws fluids from your mouth that can cause painful infections, and it also helps to reduce oral bacteria. The saltwater also breaks up mucus and all those irritants in your throat causing a problem.  

However, it is highly recommended that you only gargle no more than two or three times a day, as the balance is the key to success.

Now, let’s dig deep into the benefits of gargling saltwater and follow it next time for the perfect home remedy from below mentioned problems.

8 Benefits of Gargling water:

  1. Protects you from nasal blockage: The concoction of salt and water can prove beneficial in clearing out the mucus built-up as nasal congestion. It also helps in reducing severe inflammation and throat pain. Along with this, it also removes bacteria and fungi responsible for the spread of infections.
  2. Prevents growth of bacteria in the mouth: Saltwater gargles help to maintain the desired level of pH in your mouth to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. It also helps to neutralize the acid in the throat produced by the bacteria and keeps your throat in a good state.
  3. No more bad breath! If your constant dilemma on how to treat bad breath, saltwater will do its work for you. It is an effective home remedy to flush out bacteria responsible for bad breath. You don’t need to be conscious of your breath anymore.
  4. Relief from a toothache, bleeding and sore gums: Gum diseases are significant with the symptoms like sore and bleeding gums. Early treatment is the key to cure! Gargling with a warm salt water mixture can help you fight the bacteria and reduce inflammation. Toothache will also be reduced with the help of saltwater.
  5. Get rid of mouth ulcers: If you are having mouth ulcers, it must be a challenging time for you while eating food. To heal mouth ulcers quickly, make saltwater your best friend and you are good to go and eat any food without any difficulty.
  6. Say – A big NO to tonsils! Tonsils are the lumps of the tissues located in the throat (each side of the tongue that can get inflamed due to the presence of bacterial infections). Tonsils can cause difficulty in swallowing food. To ease these symptoms, gargling with salt water can be the best cure for you.
  7. Prevents respiratory tract infection: A study revealed that simple saltwater gargles can help to provide relief from respiratory tract infections along with significant other health benefits.
  8. Reduces plaque formation: Each time you eat any food, many microscopic particles settle down in your mouth and attack the sugars present in the foods. This can damage your tooth enamel. Saltwater gargles can counter this attack by making a shield from bacterial expansion in your mouth. 

How often should you gargle with salt water?

Gargling with saltwater for once would not do much for you. Consistency is the key!

Start doing gargles two to three times a day depending upon the severity of symptoms. Within a day or two, you will start to feel better from symptoms like sore gums, nasal blockage, mouth ulcers, and many more. 

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How long should you gargle saltwater?

Take a sip of lukewarm saltwater and gargle it for about 30 seconds. One should ensure to mix water around the mouth, teeth, and gums. Spit it out when you are done and repeat this a few more times. 

Bottom line:

Saltwater gargles are the most convenient, easy, and simple DIY to ease a sore throat, severe toothache, tonsils, or even mouth ulcers due to their antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Saltwater gargles help to prevent allergies and illnesses from getting worse. As it has been believed for ages, it’s a miracle DIY drink to treat mouth problems easily, it really works. Next time, do try saltwater gargles to get instant relief!

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