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7 Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessels

Drinking Water in Copper Vessels

Vessels made of copper have been used in South-Asian countries since the 1800s to drink water. The reason is simple – copper vessels help fulfill the copper needs of our body when our diet can’t. Thus, preventing many illnesses that can come forward due to the lack.

You should know that copper helps generate heat and aids in communication between cells in the body. But like anything else in the world, there are pros and cons of drinking copper water. 

Let’s start with the advantages of drinking water in copper vessels.

Shocking Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessels!

Many people see copper water to be as good as any detox water. If you are looking for a way to improve hydration, and regular water is not to your liking – you can add a couple of cups of copper water to your day.

1) Less Digestive Issues

If you suffer from indigestion, stomach ulcers, and infections, copper water may be your savior. 

The compounds found in copper are anti-inflammatory. This helps reduce inflammation in the stomach lining, which further helps treat indigestion. 

Also, copper helps to fight bacteria in the stomach, which might cause digestive issues otherwise. And the detoxifying properties of copper help the liver and kidney to focus more on digestion rather than detoxification.

2) Weight Loss

The detoxifying properties of copper, along with enhanced digestion, keep you from gaining weight. 

You might also remember that copper helps generate heat in the body. This heat helps it burn fat cells even while you are resting. 

Although, this doesn’t mean that more copper water will help burn more fat. Because excessive copper can be toxic enough to increase your doctor visits, and undo the benefits of drinking water in copper vessels.

3) Fast Healing for Wounds

Water infused with copper has copper’s antibacterial and antiviral properties. This help fight the germs, which may prevent the healing of wounds. 

Copper also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce swelling in wounds and reduce your pain.

Additionally, copper helps in iron absorption in the body. This increased absorption increases your haemoglobin. Thus, producing more red blood cells and white blood cells. 

The red blood cells help in the production of collagen. This substance forms the white fibres that help build the foundation of body tissue. And therefore, help in skin regeneration which further heals the wounds.

4) Stronger Joints

The health benefits of drinking water in copper vessels are not limited to digestion and fast healing. Copper helps to reduce the pain in your joints as well.

The anti-inflammatory properties in copper water lower the inflammation in your joints. This otherwise could cause weak and painful bones. 

So, if you have arthritis or some similar bone disease, copper water can be a great supplement to your treatment prescribed by the doctor.

5) Healthier Skin

Copper is a metal that is necessary for our body to increase the production of collagen – the foundation of skin tissue. The metal increases iron absorption, thus increasing RBCs that work to create collagen. 

Not only that! Copper also helps detoxify your blood and increases blood flow. This means every organ in your body, including the skin, gets more nutrients and oxygen transferred to them. Thus, making them healthy.

6) Improved Immunity

One of the primary benefits of drinking water in copper bottles is the mightier immune system you get in return. 

As we mentioned before, copper helps in iron absorption which creates more white blood cells in the body. It’s these white blood cells (WBC) that form the army fighting against microorganisms that tackle your immunity.

When you take care of the WBC army with copper water, you strengthen your body’s first line of defense – the immune system.

7) Better Cardiovascular System

Copper helps detoxify and cleanse the plaque in your blood that could otherwise cause blocked arteries. When your arteries get blocked, blood pressure increases, and it becomes difficult for your heart to pump blood. 

Thanks to copper water, you can prevent such situations that may lead to heart attacks.

With all these benefits to gain from, who wouldn’t want to make copper water a part of the daily diet? But…

Can We Drink Water In Copper Vessels Daily?

Unlike iron or any other essential metal for our body, copper is freely available in the daily diet we eat. 

So, to answer your question – no, we should not drink water from copper vessels daily. In fact, we should also avoid having more than 2-3 glasses a day.

According to the National Research Council (US) Committee – an excess of copper in the body can quickly become toxic. 

So, instead of enjoying the benefits of drinking water in copper bottles, you will face issues like diarrhoea, headaches, and vomiting instead.

That’s why experts suggest you drink only a couple of glasses of copper water a day and fulfil your thirst with regular water the rest of the day.

Wrapping Up

Today we discussed the pros and cons of drinking copper water and answered your question – can we drink copper water the whole day? The answer was – no, we can’t. 

And drinking it every single day will be a hydration mistake you don’t want to make.

But unless it’s a significant dose, copper water suits almost anyone. People having weak immunity or high blood pressure can drink it. Even diabetics can drink copper water to help lower their blood sugar levels.

It’s time you add at least a cup to your day (for some time) and see if you can cherish the benefits of drinking water in copper vessels.

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